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Cville updates and contest reminder



We asked you to show us exactly what makes Cville such a great place and you’ve been keeping the spectacular photos coming! We’re entering week four of our #ShowOffCville contest, and this week, we’re asking you to send us your photos of the best places to take a tourist and the place in Cville where no filter is needed (it’s just that gorgeous).

Show off on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, making sure to include #ShowOffCville and the weekly theme hashtags. This week’s theme hashtags, by the way, are #tourist and #nofilter.

You could win $500 and see your pictures larger than life at the Second Street Gallery. Check out the official contest page for rules, details, and weekly updates.


Photo submitted by currypollo via Instagram

Getting to know you

Are you a Ting customer? We’d like to ask how Ting has been working out for you and get to know you a little better. Would you take a moment to answer a few questions? What if we bribed you with some Ting swag? You or your business could star in a Customer Feature like Arqball, Relay Foods or Soren H.

Speaking of customers, we’d like to extend a formal welcome to all the Jefferson Ridge residents, Ting crazy fast high-speed Internet at your service! Please let us know how we’re doing.

We’re filling preorders

Our hard-working team has been installing fiber in several Charlottesville neighborhoods, often connecting six to eight new Ting customers a day! If you’re curious about the progress of our fiber network, see this map of our major and ongoing rollouts. Then you might want to check your address to find out if Ting’s available in your area.


And look! We have our own identifiable conduit now.

Live in an area of the city that doesn’t have service yet? Want us to get to your neighborhood faster? The best route is to place a pre-order now and ask your neighbors to do the same. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and let you know when we’re coming to your neck of the woods.

Pre-order today