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Meet Ting Internet Customer, Ross McDermott


We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to one of our Ting Internet Customers here in Charlottesville.

Meet Ross McDermott, founder of Surface Below Media, a video production company specializing in documentaries, music videos, art films and commercials (click those links to view samples of the kind of work they do). His team operates from a studio space shared by a collective of artists and artisans. The studio gets Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet, so Surface Below Media and others in the coworking space all get access. Naturally, we wanted to hear how the fastest Internet access around is working out for them.

Before they moved to the studio space downtown, Ross tells us they were paying for the fastest Internet Comcast could provide to their office. But it just wasn’t fast enough to keep up with huge file transfers during video production. They were also pretty disappointed in the quality of customer service they’d been receiving from local Internet companies. So they switched to Ting last August, and everything changed.

Video files have the potential for becoming massive in size, especially during the editing process when footage is raw and uncompressed. It used to take hours, if not an entire day for them to upload a 2 to 3 GB file, but now with Ting Internet, they are experiencing crazy fast uploads and downloads measured in mere seconds. It’s important to Ross because the ability to quickly stream videos and deliver rough cuts to clients for feedback means time saved, which leads to increased productivity.

“I never have to wait for a video to start playing due to loading issues. And I can quickly jump through sections of streaming videos to get an idea of the piece. Doing that kind of thing on slow Internet would be impossible… Now that I have Ting, I can’t imagine working in filmmaking and video production without the upload and download speeds.”

For the collective, access to Ting’s high-speed fiber means faster communications, a reliable connection, better prices and customer service they’ve found truly helpful and friendly. Though they’ve had some technical issues regarding the reach of the wireless signal in their shared studio space, Ross says he’s happy with Ting and he would like to have it installed at home. “When you call customer support, you feel like you are talking to someone very nice in the next room.”


He’s traveled to every corner of these United States and abroad, documenting events from small and bizarre festivals to important moments in history, but Virginia has always felt most like home. It’s easy to understand why Ross would choose to launch and run his business here. This is a community rich in art, history and culture; and now with access to high-speed gigabit fiber from Ting, it’s the perfect environment for creative and commercial growth.

“I really like the size of Cville; it’s small but has a lot to offer. Cville is also full of such interesting and good people. It’s hard to imagine living anywhere else given the community and resources we have to the outdoors, music, art, and academic events — all within a walkable and bikeable city.”

By the way, if you happen to be walking, biking or even driving through Charlottesville, you’re bound to see some of the other creative projects Ross has had a hand in. For the past five years, he’s been directing the Charlottesville Mural Project as a co-founder. They’re responsible for commissioning artists, poets, and writers to create some of those colorful art murals around town! Cville is fortunate to call this community-building, hard-working creative one of their own, and we’re pretty proud to have him as one of our customers too.