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New City Arts supports C’ville community artists

Ting Profile: New City Arts Initiative

Charlottesville, VA is a small town with a big ambitious spirit. Home to the world-renowned University of Virginia and the thought-provoking Tom Tom Founders Festival, Charlottesville is also making a name for itself as a hub for the arts.

New City Arts Initiative is a non-profit collective that fosters a sense of community for artists, art lovers and new audiences. They provide gallery space to exhibit artwork by local artists as well as artists from other cities. Beyond that, they also provide studio space where artists can work and community artists drop by to get things done online with Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet.

In keeping with New City Art’s spirit of collaboration, this video couldn’t have been made without the help of some wonderful local people. First and foremost, Maureen Brondyke and company at New City Arts. Hank Willis Thomas for allowing us to feature his work in our video. Pando Creative Co. and Surface Below Media for their video files. Finally, Maddy Mallory, Nicki Sheffield, and Maggie Stein for their photographs.