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Charlottesville, VA

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Grieving with Charlottesville

First, the Ting team wants to share our deepest sympathies with the family and friends of Heather Heyer. All lives are precious and all losses are tragic. Heather sounds to us like a particularly tragic loss, a strong, spirited young voice for tolerance, compassion and progress. We need more of those. We are so sorry.

Second, we want to express our solidarity with the entire Charlottesville community. Many of us live in Charlottesville. Many of us have also come to know and love Charlottesville over the last couple of years. We know that Charlottesville did not welcome all this hatred. We know that Charlottesville will rise above it.

Finally, we want to take an unequivocal (although seemingly obvious) stand on the issues at hand.

Like most businesses, Ting will generally try to avoid political statements. There are so many reasonable debates in a democracy and we rarely want to alienate customers, partners, prospects or employees on either side.

There is no reasonable debate here. White supremacy is not a reasonable position. It is disgusting and dangerous.

Anyone who aligns themselves with these beliefs can get their Internet service elsewhere.

We are saddened for Heather, her loved ones and the wonderful community of Charlottesville. We are also confident that this small minority of racists and hatemongers will be sent away to hide in their dark corners as they always do. We shall overcome.

Expanding the Ting network in Charlottesville

Hey, Cville. How’s it going? You may have seen our Ting trucks in and around your neighborhood lately. We’re working hard to build the network to brand new neighborhoods as well as increase our current network capacity in neighborhoods that already have Ting.

We’re excited about the high demand for Ting Internet here in Charlottesville. Once we’ve expanded our network, we can start lighting up more homes and businesses. This is great news for us as well as Cville residents who want Ting Internet.

Adding capacity in areas we currently service doesn’t come at a cost to building in new areas. We’re actively designing, planning and building in new Cville neighborhoods at the same time.

Building a fiber network is a big undertaking. It’s a sizeable investment and it takes time. All good things do, right? We look at it as short term pain for long term gain, and we hope you do too.

Why is fiber optic Internet important infrastructure for America?


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Why is fiber optic Internet important infrastructure for America?

The Internet. A series of tubes.

What if we told you these tubes are as important as the roads you drive on. Or the railway system. Or whatever Elon Musk is working on next. “But I don’t even commute,” you say. That may be true. But you definitely tele-commute. There’s no avoiding it.

Picking the best smart TV for your home or dorm

best smart TV

Choose the best smart TV for you

Smart TVs have come a long way from the original clunky and slow devices with limited apps. Now, they are superbly powerful devices running some of the most modern streaming services out there. With their new designs, you don’t need any extra wires, additional brand or expensive universal remotes.

Smart TVs give you all the apps you want in one clean and easy to use TV. Currently, there are three main brands that power the most cord cutting friendly smart TVs out there: Roku TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV Edition.

Let’s take a minute to go over the three big brands and give you a look at the new TVs that have come out.

Crazy fast, reliable Internet for Rugby

reliable Internet

Real human support for real human beings

Kathy is a Charlottesville native. She loves taking her dogs for walks around Rugby. She loves the old growth trees and her kind, friendly neighbors. Maybe you’ve seen her out and about.

Kathy, like many of us, thinks that being treated like a real human being isn’t too much to ask. Obvious, sure… but think back to your last interaction with the cable company. It was probably inhuman at best and at worst, it was inhumane.

When Ting Internet came to town, Kathy started to hear about our different approach to customer service. So she decided, ‘why not?’ and made the leap to fiber.

We admire that kind of pioneering spirit.

Now, as a Ting crazy fast fiber Internet customer, Kathy speaks to a real person on the occasion she has a question or an issue. She doesn’t deal with robots or pushing 1 for service in English. At Ting, you don’t have to wade through endless phone trees or push 20 buttons to get to a real person that can answer questions and solve problems that may arise.

“I always get a person who is knowledgeable and knows what I’m talking about.”

reliable Internet

Reliable Internet for Rugby

Kathy’s Ting Internet has never gone down. She’s starting to branch out into new ways of using the Internet and recently discovered Roku. Now she has access to Netflix and Amazon and she can stream a movie or TV show without ads. She likes that. Who wouldn’t?

Rugby is a pretty sweet place to live, made even better thanks to Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet.

To learn more, go to

Or, give us a call at 1-844-846-4994 and test us on our claim of no hold, no transfer, no robots customer service.

Will Ting be expanding its Internet service to a broader audience?


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Does Ting plan to expand its Internet service?

A question we’re asked a lot is, “when are you coming to my town/city/state/country?”

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is a little complicated. Believe us when we say we’d like to be everywhere, right now, offering our unlimited, symmetrical, crazy fast fiber Internet service to one and all. However, with every state, city and municipality comes its own set of challenges and rules.