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#teamting: Soren O.

Soren is a software developer living in Charlottesville, Virginia. After several bad experiences with Internet service providers in the area, he was ready to give up hope. Luckily, Soren was in the midst of a move and found a spot that had recently been wired with fiber Internet from Ting.

“The apartment building I moved into (Locust Grove) had just been renovated and I discovered they had just gotten Ting Internet installed.”

Soren had heard of Ting through the Cville Slack Channel and looked into getting gigabit fiber right away.

“I called you guys and you were so welcoming, I couldn’t believe the level of interaction. I’ve dealt with other companies before and they just don’t care – all I’d get was a machine and when I did finally get a person they didn’t really know what they were talking about.”

Soren found it much easier to get his work done at home, realizing that he could be much more efficient with Ting Internet than ever before.

“I’m a software developer, and I don’t get any lag when I SSH (remotely connect) to five different servers. Prior to using Ting Internet, it would lag when I would SSH into just one server.”

Besides using the gig for work, Soren enjoys using streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go.

“Getting cable TV has never been part of my plan, and it was really annoying beforehand having to deal with slower Internet when I’d want to watch a movie in high definition and not have to wait an hour for it to buffer.”

“I often use YouTube to listen to music and just let their playlists run. If I do that on a normal Internet connection, there’s stuttering and delays. With Ting Internet, I can throw on the highest audio quality and not worry about it.”

He loves having the option to chat live with a Ting agent directly from our website, knowing that he’ll get a fast and reliable response each and every time.

“As a customer of Ting, I feel like I can be heard. I think that’s important because you can affect how your experience is, and with other companies you could not be getting Internet and days would pass before things get addressed.”

“It’s more than just a good experience, the experience keeps happening! After my first month Ting called me to check in and see how everything is going. What company does that?!”

Soren also didn’t expect that Ting Internet would change how he interacted with his smartphone.

“Normally when I’d connect to Wi-Fi, I’d think, “this is better than nothing. Now when I’m at home, my phone is faster than it’s ever been. Sometimes when I download an app from Google Play, I look back and it’s installing and I think to myself, did it even download?!”