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Charlottesville, VA

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Ting Internet Charlottesville: a year in review

Ting Internet Charlottesville

Hey Cville, check out what Ting got up to in your community this year. We  supported and sponsored all kinds of programs in your backyard including community events, charitable nonprofits, informative festivals and more.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the Ting booth to say hi in 2017! We attended events we know and love like the Tom Tom Founders Festival and started brand new initiatives like our sponsorship with Charlottesville Women in Tech and Tech-Girls.

Tom Tom Founders Festival 2017

Ting has been a proud supporter of Tom Tom ever since we first arrived in town. The Tom Tom Founders Festival is a celebration of innovators, visionaries and artists shaping small cities across the country. Tom Tom is both locally and nationally focused with free events, concerts, hundreds of speakers and more.

Here’s what Tom Tom 2017 looked like. The Ting Team was at events like the Founders Summit, the Hometown Summit, the Block Party and more.

Our CEO Elliot Noss was invited to speak at the festival, on a panel discussing what fiber Internet can do for cities and communities.

Exciting events and partnerships

Ting sponsored Cville Family Jams a poolside concert series for kids and families. We worked alongside community leaders Charlottesville Families in Action and the proceeds from each concert went towards a local nonprofit organization.

Crazy fast fiber Internet is available at the Jefferson Theater. Today’s concerts have evolved to become participatory experiences. Audiences at the Jefferson can upload photos, videos and Tweets at the speed of light while watching their favorite performers.

Ting Internet Charlottesville

Ting pledged $10,000 in annual funding to support Charlottesville Women in Tech/Tech Girl. We’re excited to support their mandate and mission to create better gender representation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM careers).

We profiled New City Arts Initiative, a non-profit collective that fosters a sense of community for artists, art lovers and new audiences. New City Arts provides gallery space to exhibit artwork by local artists as well as artists from other cities. Beyond that, they also provide studio space where artists can work and community artists drop by to get things done online with Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet.


We also continued work with our Friends of Ting program and gifted crazy fast fiber to the following nonprofit organizations: The Haven, IX Art Park, McGuffey Art Center, The Boys and Girls Club, The Center for Nonprofit Excellence and The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.

Crazy fast fiber Internet in Rugby

We had the chance to speak with local Ting Internet customers in Rugby. Check out what people in your community had to say about the real life implications of having fiber Internet in their homes.

  • Meg’s story: fiber keeps families connected 
  • Kathy’s story: crazy fast, reliable Internet
  • Charles’ story: Internet for families who use the Internet
  • Clay’s story: real human help from human beings

    Net neutrality and a Day of Action

    Here at Ting, and at our parent company Tucows, we’re big believers in a free and open Internet.

    In 2017, the FCC announced its plans to rollback net neutrality. Net neutrality is aimed at leveling the playing field for Internet companies, protecting online competition, innovation, free speech, privacy and the delivery of content without interference by ISPs. In response, Ting joined in on a campaign to fight the FCC’s proposal. We participated in a massive Day of Action on July 12 to protest the changes and to keep fair and equal access to the Internet.

    You can still make your voice heard at Battle for the Net. Write to Congress online here.

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