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Ting Internet Customer – Relay Foods

Unpacking groceries

Maybe you’ve already heard of Relay Foods; perhaps you’ve seen their food delivery trucks about town. They’re an online store that offers next-day delivery or pickup services for fresh produce and healthy groceries. It began right here in Charlottesville about seven years ago in the founder’s living room and has since expanded with branches in five other cities.

Relay Foods has been getting Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet delivered to its Cville location for the past year. As an e-commerce company that supports warehouse logistics, customer service, and other technology departments, it was important that they have only the best Internet service available. The strong, reliable connection Ting provides is imperative to the needs of their company, especially because they are spread out over different cities and often conference remotely.


They like to say that their business is driven by data, not trucks; having a fast, reliable Internet connection is an obvious necessity when it comes to moving that data. Relay Foods told us that since they’ve switched to Ting, they’ve been automating their warehouse in order to account for every product as it moves around their fulfillment centers. They used to work with a pen, paper and a clipboard, but now with access to gigabit fiber, they have upgraded to tablets, which allows workers on the floor to better integrate with their backend system. Ultimately, this allows them to serve their customers with more accurate orders.

Another way Relay Foods takes advantage of crazy fast fiber Internet is through video conferencing. Relatively speaking, Relay Foods is a small company. Like all good companies, though, they’ve got some big ideas and growth plans. They recognize open communication is key to a company’s growth, and being able to conference with each other face-to-face without the technology getting in the way is important. Having the bandwidth available for smooth, real-time video conferencing has helped their team foster stronger relationships by bridging the gap created by physical distance.

“Our Internet connection should not be something we ever have to think about—it should just work, and work fast.” — Relay Foods

As a B Corp, Relay Foods has to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Adding a fast, reliable connection allows them to focus on what’s important — serving the community — and that goes far beyond inventory tracking and internal communications.

Relay Foods is noted for partnering with several organizations including the Emergency Food Bank, Salvation Army, and local charities who redistribute food and milk donated from their inventory to those in need. It’s a great example of a local company giving back to its community. It only make sense, then, that the community takes pride in and offers recognition of their hard work and service. Glowing reviews and word-of-mouth from happy customers go a long way in the service industry, but the accolades don’t stop there. Governor Terry McAuliffe presented Relay Foods with a check for $50,000 for the work they’ve done to develop markets for Virginia’s agricultural products. And Founder Zach Buckner was one the recipients of the Founding Cville Awards at last year’s Tom Tom Festival.


If you’d like to try Relay Foods’ pickup or delivery services, you can receive a $20 coupon by using our Refer-A-Friend link.

Relay Foods is exactly the kind of local soltion we love to see and, for our part, support. That’s why we’ve included a nice gift from Relay Foods in the Welcome Package every new Ting Internet customer receives.

If you’re interested in healthy, local, sustainable whole foods, you should definitely check out the Relay Foods Blog where you can find nutritious meal plans, recipes and product reviews.