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Ting + New City Arts

We just spent the last 10 minutes looking for the perfect art-themed quote. One that evoked why art is important to society and communities and how without it, some of the color drains out of life. Nothing quite captured the feeling.

Art is an important part of what makes Cville the community it is, for reasons we’d be better able to express had we found that quote we were looking for. New City Arts (you know the folks, right?) is a part of keeping the spirit of art alive in Cville.

New City Arts are friends of Ting. We provide them with a crazy fast fiber Internet connection just because we like their style.

The team recently opened a new space, Welcome Gallery, on the downtown mall. This exhibit space will showcase predominantly local artists across different disciplines.

It’s a pretty great spot, and they’re asking for help to make it greater still. The New City Arts crowd funding campaign just went live. They’ll do a better job of explaining their needs and goals than we will, so check out the video below.