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Ting’s network roll-out plans for Charlottesville

How YOU doin’?

You might have spotted the Ting install team in their Ting shirts rolling around town in their Ting trucks. They’ve been super busy stringing speed-of-light fiber all over town. We’ve noticed you noticing us and we wanted to give you notice that we noticed you too.

You may be wondering when Ting crazy fast fiber Internet is coming to your neck of the woods. Well, have we got plans for you, Charlottesville. Big plans.

From now until the end of the year, we aim to cover as much ground as possible in the neighborhoods highlighted in the map below. Specifically, North Downtown, Belmont, Martha Jefferson and Locust Grove. That’s the foreseeable future plan. We’ve got plans that stretch out further than that though, and we’ve also got some ideas on how we can get your help steer our teams in the right direction to bring gigabit Internet to you.

Ting’s Network Roll-out Plans for Charlottesville

While our immediate focus will be on rolling out fiber in the four aforementioned areas, we’re also looking down the road into next year. Into 2016, plans become a little less clear but we can say that we aim to cover more ground within the city itself and we’re also looking to move westward.

In the coming months, we’ll be unveiling a tool that will help us gauge interest in gigabit Internet in a given neighborhood. Until then, we’d love to hear your opinions in the comment section of this blog post. Soon (but maybe not soon enough for some under the cable company’s thumb) we’ll get the whole town lit. Stay tuned.