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Ting Culver City news

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Culver City is officially lit!

Construction begins in Culver City, CA

Hi, Culver City—we’re excited to share some awesome news! On July 20, we officially connected our first customer, which means that Culver City is officially lit with Ting Internet!

Big thanks to Culver City for helping to make this day happen.

This year was different—we all know that. We weren’t able to have a proper launch party or meet many of you in person, but we’re so happy to be here and look forward to working together to get you connected.

“We are thrilled to light up our Ting network here in Culver City,” said Jennifer Lasky, Marketing Manager, Ting Internet. “We know first-hand the benefits that reliable internet can bring to a community. Ting is the first fiber option in Culver City and this infrastructure will be a vital advancement for the community.” 

Digital divide

As part of the Culver City launch, Ting is introducing a community program designed to combat the local digital divide. This program was developed in partnership with the Culver City municipal team and will provide free internet access to affordable housing units across 17 properties in the city. 

“We fundamentally believe that the internet should be accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstance,” said Monica Webb, Head of Market Development, Ting Internet. “This is exactly why we include a digital divide program in every community we work in. While we’re thrilled to be announcing our presence in Culver City, we are equally delighted to announce that we are working with the city to provide just over 300 affordable housing units with Ting Internet, at no cost to them.”  

Ting Internet’s mission is to bring the speed and reliability of true gigabit fiber internet, opening new opportunities for communities across the United States. There are currently four markets across California with access to Ting Internet: Culver City, Encinitas, Fullerton and Solana Beach.

What’s next?

Ting Internet will continue to expand its serviceable neighborhoods in Culver City throughout the rest of 2021. Locals can now visit to get more information and search their address to either order or pre-order Ting Internet. For the latest fiber network construction news, follow our construction updates post.

Pricing for Ting’s symmetrical gigabit fiber internet starts at $89 per month for home internet service and $139 per month for business gigabit internet. Enterprise internet service levels, installations and pricing are customized to business needs and can be discussed with the Ting Internet Enterprise team.

Check your address

Construction is ongoing. Check your address to see if you can get Ting Internet in your neighborhood or to pre-order. We’re moving along with installations, so the sooner you place an order, the better.

Ting Internet’s symmetrical residential service is offered at $89 per month.  We also offer customizable plans for businesses of all sizes, starting at $139 per month.

Follow Ting Internet in Culver City

Keep up with everything we’re up to on the Culver City town blog and learn about our progress, our people, our promotions, events around town, and much more on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you have any questions, we’re always available.