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Cut the cord and your cable bill

SMPTE_Color_Bars.svgCutting the cord means saying goodbye to the monthly cable bill but it doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the shows, sports and other stuff you love.

With a great Internet connection (like, let’s say, a crazy fast fiber connection from Ting, just for example) and a couple of pieces of inexpensive equipment, you can be up and running in no time. Get broadcasts like local news, public broadcasting and primetime TV over the air, watch just about any movie or show you want with a set top box. You can get all the TV you want while still getting rid of that monthly cable bill.

Luke Bouma of Cord Cutters News contributes to Cut the Cord on the Ting blog. If you’ve ever thought about cutting the cord, his first column, Four easy steps to break free from cable TV is a great place to start.

Stay tuned. Cut the Cord will appear every week on the main Ting blog.

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