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Fiber keeps families connected

Ting Internet

Ting Internet keeps families connected

Meg lives with her husband Blake and newborn daughter in the Rugby neighborhood.

Meg always has something streaming at home. She listens to music on Pandora and watches TV on Netflix. She loves video chatting her parents and sending baby pictures to her family. She wanted fast, reliable Internet but she didn’t want to sacrifice on service. Meg’s cousin tipped her off to Ting (thanks Meg’s cousin!) and today her Internet connection doesn’t stress her out.

“I never want to have to think about my Internet and now I don’t. Things just work. My bill doesn’t change every month and everything happens super fast.”

Ting InternetRecently, when Meg’s daughter was born premature, Ting Internet kept Meg connected to her job from home. She was able to communicate with ease, upload and send large files quickly and do it all while caring for her newborn.

When Meg went back to work, Ting Internet kept the family connected. Meg and Blake use their phones to access a crib-cam and an Owlet, a device that monitors a baby’s vitals.

After work, Meg can video chat her parents and keep them in the loop.

Ting Internet is available to homes in Rugby as well as other Charlottesville neighborhoods. Order yours today.

Are you ready to see what reliable Internet can do for you?

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