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Fiber Internet near me: Ting Internet in Fullerton just $79/mo

Fiber Internet near me

Looking for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Fullerton? Great news, Ting Internet is in town. Ting is different from the ISPs you’re used to. So if you’re looking for fiber Internet near me, and you’re tired of business as usual from the regular providers, we’re glad you found Ting on the Fullerton Fiber Network™.

Ting doesn’t do contracts, price creep or gimmicky introductory offers, so you’re never locked into a commitment. We’ve never raised our prices in any of our other Ting Towns and we don’t plan to.

We’ve got a top-rated support team who are available by chat, tweet or phone to help you out when you need it. We offer symmetrical gigabit fiber Internet, the fastest in town, with upload and download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

Ting gigabit for your home

1,000 Mbps upload

1,000 Mbps download

Unlimited monthly data


We’re different: Ting in your town

Ting strives to be a community partner everywhere we go. We sponsor events, fun runs, STEM activities for students and more. Check out this video of some of the work we do in our other Ting Towns across the US.

What kind of Internet does Ting offer? High-speed Internet service

Ting does symmetrical gigabit Internet. That’s fiber Internet in Fullerton with 1,000 Mbps upload and download. Gigabit is high-speed Internet, but what makes Ting gigabit special is that symmetry in speed.

What’s symmetrical Internet?

Many ISPs provide asymmetrical Internet speeds. That means relatively high download speeds, with much lower upload speeds. But upload is important for everyday users. When you share photos to the cloud and sync your backups, you’re uploading. When you’re video chatting family, you’re uploading. If you’re a gamer and broadcast your content, you’re uploading. If you have home appliances or security systems that connect to your home Internet, you’re uploading.

Do I need gigabit fiber home Internet?

1,000 Mbps is a ton of speed, but fiber’s not just about today. It’s about our future. 1,000 Mbps will have you covered for years. Read more about why gigabit fiber is important for our future in the Ting What is fiber Internet? Ebook.

Ting fiber recognizes our evolving use of the Internet today and builds in the room for us to use the Internet in new and exciting ways tomorrow. Where we’ve outgrown the capacity of copper networks, fiber networks leave more than enough room for us to evolve.

Fiber can be transformative for communities. It drives business and brings new industry. It supports the needs of hospitals and schools and helps small businesses keep up on a global scale.

High-speed Internet for business and small business Internet

Looking for business fiber Internet? Ting gigabit is also available for businesses in Fullerton. You get the same symmetrical gigabit speeds but with customized solutions and business-level support from our top-rated help team. You can also build a custom solution with Ting to suit your specific business needs.

Ting gigabit for your business

1,000 Mbps upload

1,000 Mbps download

Unlimited monthly data

Business-level support

Starting at $139/mo

Pre-order Ting gigabit

A residential installation of Ting gigabit Internet typically costs $29, but when you pre-order, your installation is free. Similarly, a business installation of Ting gigabit Internet costs $59, but when you pre-order, your installation is free.

You’ll also get some credit on your first month’s bill. Residential pre-orders will get an extra $50 off and business pre-orders will get an extra $80 off.

Head to, enter your address and follow the prompts on screen. You’ll be charged a one-time, refundable pre-order of $9.