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Ting Fullerton news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

Welcome to our Ting Fullerton community updates

Fullerton Construction

In our Fullerton updates, we offer as much information as we possibly can about the Fullerton Fiber Network™. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Fullerton community.  Check back regularly and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on the latest.

Hello Fullerton, this is our very first update for your town. In these updates, we will share as much information as we have about fiber network construction.

SiFi Networks is responsible for the physical network build in Fullerton and is gearing up to begin construction soon. We’ll be sharing details of the build and its progress in our bi-monthly construction newsletters so stay tuned for updates. If you’re wondering what to expect when the SiFi trucks roll up your street, you can follow along on SiFi’s Fullerton website. SiFi will be updating this page as construction begins, which is currently scheduled for this summer.

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Be sure to follow Ting Internet on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates and news. As soon as we hear that construction is underway, we’ll be sure to post an update to our social channels.  

Fiber is a long game

Fiber infrastructure will future-proof Fullerton for decades. It’s important work that has an impact on industry, education, employment, home sales and more. That’s why we’re in the business.

Building a fiber network takes time. We know because we’ve built and are building several ourselves, in other towns. The wait can be difficult but know that we’ll be there, reporting on progress as the network build, well, progresses. 

Spread the word about pre-ordering Ting

Pre-ordering Ting costs $9 and secures some serious perks. You’ll get a free installation, plus a discount on your first Ting bill. Let your friends and neighbors know they can pre-order Ting now to take advantage of this discount! 

Why $9? We think of it as a pact between Ting and our future customers. You let us know you’re serious about fiber Internet and we guarantee value back for your commitment in the form of free installation and other discounts. 

How much does Ting service cost?

Ting Home Gigabit costs $79/mo and Ting Business Gigabit costs $139/mo. Both products come with our top-rated customer support and a free installation when you pre-order. 

We don’t lock you into a contract or plan and we’ve never raised prices in any of the other Ting Towns where we provide service. We don’t play those games. 

Get started with Ting

When you pre-order you’ll also get notified by email when we post updates every two months on the Ting Fullerton blog. Get free installation and a discount too. 

fullerton community updates

Ting around town

On June 15 Si-Fi hosted a community event to discuss the construction of the Fullerton Fiber Network. To learn more about the construction method being used by their contractor, Corbel, check out this video.

fullerton community updates

Ting attended the event and had a great time speaking with local residents and answering questions from the community about the gigabit fiber Internet service we will be providing! 

fullerton community updates

On June 19 the Ting Team had a great evening getting to know local businesses at the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence and Leadership Awards. We are proud members of the NOCC. Find out what fiber can do for your business here.

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