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Ting Fullerton news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

Hello Fullerton, you’re getting crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting

Hello Fullerton

Hello Fullerton. We’re Ting Internet, pleased to meet you. As you’ve probably heard SiFi Networks will be building a fiber optic Internet network in your town. Construction begins shortly.

In short, your home and business Internet access options are about to get a whole lot better and Ting Internet will soon be an option. We’re happy to be offering true symmetrical gigabit (1,000 Mbps up and down) Internet access on the Fullerton Fiber Network™ being built by SiFi.

We’re offering true symmetrical gigabit Internet access for $79 a month.

Why fiber?

Fiber is about speed, reliability and efficiency. With a gigabit connection, a busy family and a small business can use the Internet to do everything they need to get done in a day, without buffering or stalling. Symmetrical gigabit basically removes bandwidth from the list of things you have to think about.

America’s Internet access continues to lag behind other countries. We think of fiber as the great equalizer because it can bring us up to speed. Fiber is fast, boringly reliable and has a huge capacity for future growth. As technology evolves, we’ll need stronger and better Internet. Fiber factors this growth in from the start. That’s why Ting always provides that crazy fast symmetrical gigabit connection mentioned above instead of playing around with mid-tier offerings.

Fast, reliable Internet access is a good news story for businesses too. Mainstreet businesses like Jeannie Birds in Westminster, MD. Tech businesses like Arqball in Charlottesville, VA.

In other towns we serve, we’ve seen a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit in the community. We’ve seen Maker communities take root and evolve.

Why Ting?

One of the things that sets Ting Internet apart is our unprecedented customer service. Any time you need us, a real person picks up the phone within a couple of rings. We show the same level of care and commitment to customer service for email and online chat too, of course.

Another differentiator is our commitment to personal privacy and the open Internet. We don’t gather customer data to sell like many other ISPs. We don’t believe in anyone or anything owning the Internet.

As stated, we offer “symmetrical gigabit” Internet access. What is symmetrical gigabit? It’s the same 1000 Mbps speed for both uploading and downloading. That’s important if you, like us, believe that the Internet is about connection and collaboration as opposed to consumption.

At Ting, we don’t lock you into a contract or plan and if Ting’s not for you, you can leave whenever you want. Our team is available to help by chat, email, tweet or call so you can make the most of your gigabit connection. We’ve never raised our prices in any of the other Ting Towns where we work, like Charlottesville, VA and Sandpoint, ID, and we don’t plan to.

Pre-orders are open for Fullerton

You can check your address and place a pre-order for Ting crazy fast fiber Internet on the Ting Internet Fullerton page we just launched.

A one-time $9 pre-order will get you a free installation of Ting gigabit Internet plus a credit on your first bill.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram as we share important updates and fun events along the way.

Sounds great. When can I get Ting Internet?

That said, there’s still a lot of work to be done. SiFi will be managing the construction of the network, but along the way, you can expect regular updates from us here on the Ting Fullerton blog.

When you pre-order, you get notified whenever we post an update. Another little perk. You’ll be hearing plenty from us and we’re always available to answer or talk through what crazy fast fiber Internet means to Fullerton.