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Our Ting Internet pricing promise

Ting's pricing promise

What do you pay for Internet access at home?

It’s probably safe to assume it’s not the price you thought you were signing up for.

Ting Internet costs $79 a month. You can own the needed network gear for $199 or rent for $9/mo. You’ll pay any applicable taxes too. Otherwise, $79 is the all-in cost. No tricks, no introductory pricing, no charging for things that should be included and no price creep.

We don’t think crazy fast, reliable Internet access is a luxury item. We think of gigabit as access as something we need to keep up.

Fair pricing

Here’s the deal, we’ve never raised our prices in any of the other Ting Towns where we work, like Charlottesville, VA and Sandpoint, ID, and we don’t plan to. We don’t lock our customers into contracts or plans and we don’t charge hefty termination fees if you’re moving or want to stop using Ting. It just feels plain wrong. We don’t pull underhanded tricks or otherwise meddle with your bill in the hopes that you won’t notice.

We’ll also treat you like a human being. The Ting Team is available to help by chat, email, tweet or call so you can make the most of your gigabit connection.

Fiber as a utility

We’re committed to servicing fiber networks across the US. Fiber brings homes and businesses up to speed with the fastest, most reliable Internet available. Great Internet isn’t a luxury item, it’s a necessary utility that supports a strong economy and high quality of life.

Net neutrality

We’re committed to the principles of net neutrality and a free and open Internet. What does that mean? We don’t (and won’t ever) block, throttle or otherwise interfere with your Internet connection to push you toward or restrict your access to specific brands, services and products. Again, it just feels wrong.  

So, what does $79/mo get you?

Unfettered Internet access at the fastest speeds available today, 1,000 Mbps symmetrical upload and download speeds. It gets you Internet that’s a truly reliable utility: something that works all the time, without you ever thinking about it, so you can carry on with your life.

If you want to hear more, check out this post about Ting Mobile pricing from our VP, Michael Goldstein, where he talks about some of the things we don’t and won’t do. We carry these values over to Ting Internet and to every town where we build and service fiber networks.

Pre-orders are open for Ting Internet in Fullerton.