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Ting TV: coming soon to a Ting Town near you

Ting TV coming soon

As product names go, it’s pretty on the nose: Ting TV. It’s a TV service. From Ting. Ting TV.

Consider Ting TV to be cable TV without the copper cable and, importantly, without the cable company. It will offer all the cable channels and channel packs plus local and specialty channels.

Ting TV is “really smart TV,” offered via the crazy fast fiber networks we’re building in towns and cities across the US.

We’ll offer Ting TV set-top boxes and DVRs to buy or rent. It will also be viewable in your home on most tablets, smartphones and on Amazon Fire TV Stick and on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

What is Ting TV?

Really smart TV (as we like to call it) is made possible by Ting crazy fast fiber. If that sounds at all intimidating, don’t worry: if you know how to use cable TV, you’ll know how to use Ting TV too.

With the clear, upfront pricing we’re known for, the best customer support in the game, simple options and smart services that fit into your life, we’re pretty excited for you to get your hands on Ting TV.

Ting TV - honest pricing

Clear, honest pricing

As with everything we do at Ting, Ting TV will be contract-free and feature simple pricing. Your bill will be easy to understand.

Where big cable will charge you extra fees for broadcast TV, regional sports and HD channels, all these features are included upfront in Ting TV.

Choose your TV

Go skinny with local TV or boost your lineup with premium add-ons
get Ting TV - featureslike HBO and Showtime.

We like to think of Ting TV as a premium experience, with all the choice you’d ever want without the added expenses.

For instance, everything on Ting TV that is available in HD will appear in HD without you having to add, upgrade or pay more.

With the Ting DVR, you can even pause and rewind live TV or record programs, then watch them later from any other Ting provided box in the house. That’s DVR for the whole home.

Ting TV - smart gearThe gear

You can connect multiple devices like phones, TVs, tablets and computers to your account and watch from anywhere in your house. Just log into the Ting TV app and your device is automatically registered to your account.

Ting TV works with Amazon Fire TV Stick and on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. You’ll also be able to rent or buy a set-top box from us if you prefer.

What can I do while I’m waiting?

Ting TV - Sign up

Sign up for updates and we’ll keep you in the loop.

There’s a lot that goes into building a cable-free cable TV service, as you might expect. We’re looking to launch a pilot phase this summer. We’ll formalize and announce those plans as soon as we can.

In the meantime, get on our update mailing list.

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