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Ting Holly Springs news

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Hello Holly Springs

Holly-Springs-thAs you may have heard, we have chosen Holly Springs as the next “Ting town” (alongside Charlottesville, VA and Westminster, MD) with its own fiber optic network and gigabit speed Internet access.

I want to introduce Ting and explain what the heck fiber optic network and gigabit speed Internet access are.

We launched Ting with a mission to bring clarity, honesty and humanity to Internet service. We noticed that nobody seem to like their phone or cable company. They are confused about what they get and what they pay. They spend too much and don’t get enough. They have trouble managing their services and getting answers to their questions.

We launched a cellphone service in 2012 and have helped people save hundreds of dollars a year on their monthly phone bills and enjoy a kinder, gentler service. But don’t take my word for that. Look around at what people say about us. Oh, and pick up a 2014 Consumer Reports guide to cellphone services. We got the highest rating for customer satisfaction in the history of that survey.

Earlier this year, we set our sights on fixed Internet access for homes and businesses. Here again, there is no great love for the large cable companies. But more importantly, existing networks and Internet speeds have become inadequate for all the amazing things people can do now on the Internet. For several years, Internet providers have been shoving data through networks that were built long before the Internet was ever invented, networks that were intended for voice and television. It worked well enough for a while but it is starting to limit us now.

The solution is fiber. Optical fiber can transmit data at the speed of light. Nothing else even comes close to that now and nothing will likely come close for another hundred years. So we have started building fiber networks, on our own or in partnerships with towns, and delivering Internet access at a speed that absolutely blows away what is typically available in the United States.

In your home, you are probably getting downloads of about 25 megabits per second and uploads of about 5 megabits per second. Ting Internet offers a “symmetrical gigabit,” which means downloads and uploads of 1,000 megabits per second.

That sort of speed puts Holly Springs on par with other pioneering US cities like Chattanooga, TN and Lafayette, LA and world-leading cities like Seoul, Stockholm, and Tokyo. It puts you way ahead of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and just about every other major city in the US.

That sort of speed can create a huge advantage for businesses. It can facilitate healthcare and education and breed entrepreneurship. It can bring Internet peace and happiness (every family member streaming, gaming, conferencing and browsing at the same time) to Holly Springs homes.

And Holly Springs feels to us like the perfect place for it. You just seem to have this great balance of stability and stimulus. Above all, you are a family-focused small town. You have tons of kids and your population is growing and getting younger. Yet, you are literally surrounded by world-class universities and billions of dollars in research, startups and national and global businesses. So you have world-class opportunities for those kids to be inspired, to participate and to ultimately contribute and succeed. You are just the sort of community that will turn crazy fast Internet into even better education, better business, better jobs and a better future.

Plus, you have been watching AT&T and Google court bigger cities and towns all around you for fiber projects. So you want us as much as we want you!

We are grateful for the partnership we have already established with your folks in city hall. We know it will be a productive relationship and that you will love faster Internet and better service.

An important first step in the buildout and delivery of Ting Internet service will be gauging where there is greatest interest. So please take a moment to run your address in the field at the top of this page and we’ll keep you informed as we progress… and even give you the chance to pre-order when that option is available.