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Ting Holly Springs news

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Fiber network construction begins here in Holly Springs

The pre-orders keep flowing in and the votes (AKA pre-orders) have been tallied. The first neighborhood to get Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet will be (drumroll please)…

Beautiful Holly Glen

Beautiful Holly Glen will be the first Holly Springs neighborhood where we’ll begin installing fiber. Construction will begin in August. Our initial roll-out plans cover a larger area than just Holly Glen: surrounding neighborhoods including Holly Pointe and Braxton Village. And we’re just getting started!

Holly Springs roll-out map - Click to enlarge

As indicated in the map above, Phase 2 of our fiber network roll-out will begin in October, then we’ll enter the next phase in November. We expect to be connecting homes to the network by the end of 2016. Like weather reports, the further out you look, the more things are subject to change. We’ll keep you posted with more details as things solidify in the months to come.

Ting Internet installation costs

Ting Internet start up costs vary by location but are not more than $200 for residential or $400 for an individual business. The Ting Internet Box, which doubles as a high-speed wireless router, is required equipment and costs $199 to purchase outright and can be rented for $9 per month. Symmetrical gigabit Internet costs $89 a month for a home, $139 for a business. We’re also a low-cost, non-core offering of 5/5 Mbps service.

If you haven’t already placed your pre-order, you’ll want to do so today in order to receive a special install discount and priority service.

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