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Ting Holly Springs news

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Lighting up the fiber network in Holly Springs

Mayor Dick Sears holds a strand of fiber at the kick off to the Ting fiber lighting ceremony in Holly Springs, NC
Mayor Dick Sears holds a strand of fiber: The same type that is now delivering symmetrical gigabit Internet to some Holly Springs homes.

Phase 1 complete

We come bearing good news, Holly Springs. After several months of planning and hard work, we’ve completed Phase 1 of construction. Today, we officially celebrated this milestone by lighting up the fiber optic network and bringing the first Ting Internet customer online with crazy fast fiber Internet.

The first Ting customer in Holly Springs: Josh
Josh Bordelon runs a speed test on his new gigabit fiber Intenet connection.

Meet Josh Bordelon, a resident of the Braxton Village neighborhood. He tells us he’s excited to get crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting because he’ll be experiencing data uploads and downloads of up to a gigabit (or 1,000 megabits) per second. That means he’ll be able to work from home without missing a beat while his wife and kids stream movies, play games, or browse the Internet at the same time.

“We cut the cord many years ago, and so to be honest, my whole house does watch most of their content over streaming. And it’s not even on TVs anymore, it’s on tablets, phones and wherever they happen to be sitting at the time,” Josh said.

“The install was great, they really did a good job not tearing up the yard. We were really kinda concerned about that, especially since they’re installing in the winter; it’s so wet and muddy.”

Good for Holly Springs

The light-up ceremony included a tour of the fiber installation on Josh’s street, a speed-test to show how quickly data passed through, and some words from Mayor Sears about the forward-thinking nature of Holly Springs and the newly lit fiber network.

“Holly Springs likes to be on the forefront of almost everything. We are one of the safest towns to live in North Carolina, the best place to raise kids, I could go on and on and on. This is simply a step in that direction to say we want to have the first crazy fast Ting network in town and we’re very proud to have you here and we’re going to be very proud to work with you.” Mayor Sears said.

Admittedly this looks a little like a funeral. It’s not. Quite the opposite, in fact: Ting and Holly Springs reps gather around an opened access panel to see the network infrastructure in the ground.

Pre-order installs

With the completion of Phase 1 of construction, we will now begin the exciting process of bringing those of you who have already pre-ordered online. Though we wish it were as simple as flipping a switch to bring every pre-order online at once, it’s a little more involved than that. Please keep your eyes open for an email we’ll be sending in the next couple weeks inviting you to set up an appointment to complete the installation process.

Phase 2 and beyond

Even more good news: we have already begun Phase 2 of construction! You can expect to see our crews in the neighborhoods of Oak Hall, Windcrest, Autumn Park, Morgan Park and Windward Pointe in the very near future.

Residents in Phase 2 will need to place their pre-orders before February 28 in order to take advantage our $250 discount for the gig. Sign up for the 5/5 plan and you’ll get a $50 discount, which will be applied to the first bill. That bill will include all startup costs: Internet box, installation and the first month of service.

We’ll begin Phase 3 of construction this spring with news about Phase 4 just around the corner.

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