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Holly Springs, NC

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Construction news

New Ting Van
Honk or wave if you see us about town!

Our teams have been enjoying the warmer weather and we’re working hard to build out our fiber network here in Holly Springs in spite of the seasonal rain. Install crews have been busy lighting up customers in Phase 1 neighborhoods. We’ve also been busy wrapping up construction in Phase 2 of our network rollout and we’ll soon begin lighting up residents there.

Last weekend, we threw a neighborhood party in celebration of Phase 3 construction, which will begin soon. It was super meeting those of you who braved the unfavorable weather to join us for some yummy food and fun for the kids. If you didn’t make it this time, we hope to meet your acquaintance soon at one of our sponsored events.

Turn your TV into the ultimate music entertainment system

Turn your TV into the ultimate music entertainment system

Whether it be at a party, your business, or just working around the house, music is a major part of everyday life. What better way to enjoy music than by turning your huge TV into the ultimate musical centerpiece?

There are several great music services designed for your TV and here are just a few of our favorites.

FCC chair plans to rollback net neutrality protections

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announces decision to rollback Title II classification
Ting believes strongly in your right to online privacy as well as to neutral access to the Internet that isn’t swayed by whatever content deals or arrangements an Internet service provider might have in place. That’s why we stand opposed to recent efforts to abolish net neutrality protections put in place by the FCC.

Net neutrality laws help the FCC force ISPs to behave, now the FCC wants to allow those companies to monitor themselves. If you disagree with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s announcement last week to rollback net neutrality laws, learn what you can do to help save the Internet right now.

Watching MLB without paying for cable TV

Major League Baseball - Detroit Tigers
Spring is officially here in North America. That means the 2017 Major League Baseball season is just getting started and for the first time, cord cutters have unprecedented access to MLB games.

So crack open a window to let in the spring air as we sit back and enjoy some MLB.

The five biggest cord cutting stories of February, 2017

February was a great month for cord cutters; new services hit the market and we learned more about other services that are already on the market. From YouTube’s announcement of a new TV service to Viacom content leaving Hulu, here are our top five biggest cord cutting stories of February, 2017.

Ting will be naming Holly Springs’ athletic complex

Holly Springs Home Run

Exciting news for us here at Ting: as part of an agreement we made with Holly Springs, Ting gets to name the athletic complex! You can read all about it over at the News & Observer.

We’re looking forward to choosing something befitting and memorable, a name that rolls off the tongue… what would you suggest? Tell us in the comments below!