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Ting Holly Springs news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

We’re in the home stretch of Phase 5 of the network build

Holly Springs construction update

In our Holly Springs progress reports we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Holly Springs community. Check back regularly to keep up to date on the latest.

In our last update in May, we talked about where construction was at in a few different neighborhoods including Phase 5, the most recent expansion in the network.

Sunset Ridge South gets lit

We completed fiber blowing at the end of June in our final Phase 4 neighborhood, Sunset Ridge South.

We also started booking pre-fielding appointments and installation appointments for everyone who pre-ordered. Pre-fielding is a service unique to Ting where we meet with you to make sure your fiber drop is getting placed as close as possible to where you want it around your home, while also making sure it doesn’t interfere with existing utilities and landscaping.

Holly Springs fiber network

All of Sunset Ridge South can now get crazy fast fiber Internet. Get yours today at

If you’re already hooked up to the network and loving your crazy fast fiber connection, why not tell your neighbors and friends?

Refer a neighbor

Ting Internet customers can refer their friends, family and neighbors to Ting. Score free service for every successful referral and give your friends and family a discount on Ting gigabit or Ting 5/5.

Learn more

Phase 5 updates

We’re officially done with network construction in all of Phase 5 and are on to blowing fiber, routing fiber through the underground conduit we placed earlier in construction. When we’re blowing fiber, we’re actually running fiber across long distances, often without the need to dig.

If you’re in Phase 5 and want Ting you’ll be able to get lit soon. Order Ting at

Fiber blowing in Downtown East, West and South

Since our last update, we’ve begun blowing fiber in Downtown East and West. We also started and finished network construction in Downtown South and this month, we’ll move on to the fiber blowing part of the process.

As soon as we’re done blowing fiber in these neighborhoods, we’ll start booking pre-fielding followed by installation appointments.

Holly Springs fiber network

What’s next?

You might be wondering what we’re going to be up to after Phase 5 construction. Stay tuned for more info. There will be more fiber network construction coming to Holly Springs.

Ting around town

On June 9 and 30 we were at the Holly Springs Farmers Market to show our support. We’ll be back at the Farmers Market on July 28! Don’t miss out on supporting local farmers and growers. Stop by and meet us there to ask any questions you have or just to secure some sweet Ting swag.

On June 23 we joined the community at Holly Glen Pool for an Ice Cream Social. Check out one of the highlights from Twitter

Summer pool parties are in full swing and we celebrated the Fourth of July at the Braxton Village Pool Party. If you’re located in Holly Pointe look out for our team visiting your community pool soon! We’ll have a special summer offer available. We’ll send a postcard to the neighborhood letting you know when we’ll be visiting.

Get regular Ting event updates and find out where we’re going to be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.