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Ting Holly Springs news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

New homes on Ting and refer your neighbors

Ting Internet in Holly Springs

In our Holly Springs progress reports, we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Holly Springs community. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up on the latest.

Hey Holly Springs! In our last update, we mentioned that we’d start installing Ting Internet in Phase 6 homes soon. Well, construction has officially wrapped up in Phase 6 of the network build and we’re actively bringing people online now. If you live in Carrington or Brackenridge, we’ll be a little longer getting you lit up, but worry not; we’re on our way and we’ll be in touch soon.

New builds in Holly Springs

Ting is working with developers to bring fiber access to new homes being built in 12 Oaks and Holly Pointe. If you or someone you know are moving to these new homes and are curious about what Internet options are available, Ting will be powering these addresses with a fiber connection. You can call our team at 919-753-4126 to pre-order Ting.

Refer a neighbor to Ting (or get referred!)

Already have Ting Internet? First off, great choice. Second, if you refer your friends, family and neighbors you can score some free service. All you have to do is ask them to mention your Ting account email when they order Ting.

You’ll get one month of free service every time someone you refer signs up. You’ll give your friends a nice gift too. When they mention your Ting account email, they’ll get a discount on their installation. That’s $99 off Ting gigabit or $25 off Ting 5/5.

If you know someone who missed the pre-order deadline in the neighborhood, don’t forget to let them know they can still get a discount! All they need is your Ting account email.

If you’ve been referred by your neighbor or friend, call our team at 919-753-4126 to order Ting service and mention your friend’s Ting account email. You’ll gift your friend a month of free service and get a discount ($99 off Ting gigabit or $25 off Ting 5/5) for yourself.

Ting around town

Ting hosted a Sunset Ridge spring fling party to thank our current customers in the area and to introduce ourselves to people who don’t have Ting. It was a fun day with live music, a photo booth, free succulents and refreshments.

Phase 6 completed in Holly Springs

In April, the Ting Team was at the Holly Springs Spring Classic 5k and 10k. There was a street fair during the day and we got the chance to chat with happy customers, interested residents and town officials about Ting.

Phase 6

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