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“Pre-fielding” for faster, smarter fiber installation


“Pre-fielding” with Thomas Russell in Holly Springs

No two yards are alike.

While Ting technicians make it look easy to lay fiber (kudos to them) it’s more complicated than it may seem. Every home is different and there is no one size fits all approach to bringing fiber up from the street and into the premises.

That’s where Thomas Russell, the Ting “pre-fielder” in Holly Springs comes in.

Thomas will be working on site to manage the placement of fiber drops. A fiber drop is where techs bring the last line of fiber from the network directly to your home. Our pre-fielding service will ensure fiber gets placed as close as possible to where you want it around your home, while also making sure it doesn’t interfere with existing utilities, landscaping and the like.

When a Ting pre-fielder arrives on site for your appointment, they review existing utilities and make sure the path for the fiber drop doesn’t get in the way of things like sprinkler systems and invisible dog fences. We’ll also work with you to get the fiber drop as close as possible to your preferred path.

“Ting is shaking up Holly Springs”

pre-fieldingThomas was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina. He moved to Raleigh fours years ago to seek out new opportunities. Thomas has recently moved into his first home in Holly Springs with his family. He is the proud dad of a two-year-old daughter named Ava and a dog named Dexter.

Ting pre-fielder Thomas Russell first heard about Ting while looking at Internet service options. He was tired of the same limited providers and was excited to try something new. He decided to sign up and hasn’t looked back since.

He joined the Ting team because, as he puts it, “Ting is shaking up Holly Springs with a new way of providing [Internet service] to residents, that offers amazing speeds at a flat rate with no contract.”

Real human support

Thomas will be able to offer in-person customer service and knowledge support during the process of switching to Ting. The Ting Team will be on site for pre-fielding appointments as well as installations, helping you make the most out of your brand new fiber connection when you get hooked up to the network.

“I educate customers on the right products for their new high-speed service and if their existing equipment can handle it. If they need to upgrade, I can show them the right products and steps to set them up. My role requires an excellent working knowledge of how homes are structured and wired. This understanding helps to find ways of optimizing service installation. My job as a pre-fielder also requires remaining up to date on new and upcoming technology and how that can be tailored to maximize their service with Ting.”