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Ting Holly Springs news

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Tell us where to go, Holly Springs

Coming into the new year, we wanted to share a bit about our plans for bringing crazy fast fiber Internet to Holly Springs homes and businesses.

Our work in coming to Holly Springs lives and dies by the people of Holly Springs. That is to say, if people express interest by pre-ordering, plunking down $9 to commit to installation of gigabit fiber Internet from Ting early in the process, we’ll be in a place to start construction sooner as opposed to later.

Obviously, the small individual monetary commitment we’re asking for isn’t going to make a material difference in the finances of the network build in Holly Springs (that’s our long winded way of saying we’re not hard up for cash). Rather, the $9 pre-order commitment helps us gauge where the most serious interest lies. Consider the $9 as your vote to get crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting in your neighborhood first.

Speaking of which, you might want to get your neighbors in this. There’s a real opportunity here to guide the first phases of the network roll-out. Also, and not to overstate things here, building networks is expensive. We need to see some real, tangible interest in a particular neighborhood before we break ground there.

Come on up and see us sometime

In this new year, we’ll look to make Holly Springs home. That means office space, perhaps retail space and people on the ground too. In the interim, we’ll be planning a lot of visits.

Our next visit will coincide with the last day of the Community Arts Festival on February 6 from 10am to 3pm at the Cultural Center. We’d love to meet you in person, have a chat and answer any questions. We will also have a few questions of our own and we’d love it if you’d introduce us to some of the things you love about Holly Springs.

Back to the office

We’re working with the town as we lay out our plans to build the gigabit fiber Internet network in Holly Springs. It’s a complex process and requires a lot of work before any fiber is laid. That said, it’s a process we have experience with and that we are comfortable navigating.

We expect to have some firm network plans to share by the end of this calendar quarter so please stay tuned. You can follow our efforts here in Holly Springs on this blog as well as on Facebook and on Twitter. You can also sign up for email updates.

A great town deserves great Internet, and we’re really excited to be starting this journey here in Holly Springs.