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Three cheers for Champion Brewing Company


Even before he got into home-brewing as a hobby, Hunter Smith thought it would be great to own and operate a brewery one day. Like many craft brewers, he says, he began with home-brewing and worked his way into the business, driven by “punk rock values” and sincere passion.

And business is good when the business is good beer.

As one of Virginia’s fastest-growing breweries, Champion Brewing Company has to brew a lot of beer to keep up with demand. In fact, they brew over 10,000 barrels a year, and delivering the best and freshest product is something Champion Brewing takes seriously. That’s where Ting’s crazy fast Internet comes in.

If you’re ever in Charlottesville, make sure you visit the historic Downtown Mall and stop by their tap room. And if you’re a local business here in Holly Springs, reach out and tell us your story. Maybe we’ll pop in for a visit! Leave a comment below or email

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