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Ting Internet Holly Springs 2017: a year in review

Ting Internet Holly Springs

Hey Holly Springs, let’s catch you up on some of the events, partnerships and initiatives Ting took part in over the past year, both in your town and across the Internet. We’re looking forward to more hard work and community involvement in 2018.

We had a busy year of fiber network construction in Holly Springs and completed our build in several neighborhoods. That being said, we didn’t just get up to fiber and you may have seen us around town at a local community event or even hosting a huge party in Ting Park.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello! We love meeting Holly Springs residents and chatting with you about everything from crazy fast fiber Internet to what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Exciting local events and partnerships

We celebrated the beginning of our build in Phase 2 with a local party. If you’ve been following our construction updates, you know we completed a number of Phase 2 neighborhoods in the summer and fall of 2017 and installations are now in progress.

We were also at local summer events like the Holly Springs Farmers Market and Heros for the Cure/Relay for Life as well as Beericana and Holly Fest.

We started our very first Friends of Ting partnership in Holly Springs, where we give free gigabit to the Holly Glen Community Pool. This is the first of many Friends of Ting to come, so keep your eyes peeled on our blog for more information on where we’re gifting gigabit around your town.

Ting Internet Holly Springs

Cool stuff in the works: Ting Park and a growing team

Ting Internet Holly Springs

We let the cat out of the bag early in 2017 and announced we’d been granted the naming rights to the community athletic complex. All the while, we continued to grow our local team and hired a Deployment Manager to help us manage our fiber build out.

Party in Ting Park

On November 10 we hosted a huge party in Ting Park to celebrate Holly Springs. There were food trucks, games, face painting, bouncy castles, a ribbon cutting ceremony, a tribute to our honored veterans and more. Check out the video below.

The #TingLights contest

From November 27 to December 14, Holly Spring residents can enter the #TingLights contest.

We’ve invited the community to share a photo on social media of their home’s holiday lights for a chance to win a gift card basket valued at $360. Plus, Ting customers have the added bonus of a chance to win a month of free Internet on top of the gift basket.

Holly Springs residents can use the hashtag #TingLights and tag Ting Holly Springs on Facebook, @TingHollySprings on Twitter or Ting on Instagram to share your photo with us.

Net neutrality and a Day of Action

Here at Ting, and at our parent company Tucows, we’re big believers in a free and open Internet.

In 2017, the FCC announced its plans to rollback net neutrality. Net neutrality is aimed at leveling the playing field for Internet companies, protecting online competition, innovation, free speech, privacy and the delivery of content without interference by ISPs. In response, Ting joined in on a campaign to fight the FCC’s proposal. We participated in a massive Day of Action on July 12 to protest the changes and to keep fair and equal access to the Internet.

You can still make your voice heard at Battle for the Net. Write to Congress online here.