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Ting Holly Springs news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

What’s happening in Holly Springs

Hey Holly Springs, let’s catch you up on Ting network construction and progress. We’re going to walk you through the network, neighborhood by neighborhood, and let you know where we’re at.

How construction works

Before we get going, here’s a bit of context for how fiber gets to your home.

1. We dig to put conduit in the ground.

2. Super thin fiber optic cables are blown through the conduits.

3. We call everyone who has pre-ordered and ask permission to build a fiber drop to their property. A Ting technician will install a line of cable from where the network meets the edge of your property to the outside of your home. It’s the last bit fiber that gets you connected to the network.

4. Next up is installation. Check out our installation FAQ and our help article on the installation process.

There’s still time to pre-order

If you live in a neighborhood where construction hasn’t started, you can still pre-order Ting Internet. Pre-ordering gets you connected as soon as possible. A pre-order also gets you the best possible price on Ting Internet. You’ll get $250 off your start up costs, like installation and your first bill.

Pre-order Ting Internet here.

Construction updates by neighborhood Oakhal, Windcrest and Windward Pointe

We’re starting to contact everyone that pre-ordered in Phase 2B in Oakhall, Windcrest and Windward Pointe to get permission to do fiber drops.

12 Oaks

Construction is halfway through in 12 Oaks. Don’t forget your deadline to pre-order is August 15th. You can pre-order here.


Construction is nearly done in Bridgewater. Don’t forget your pre-order deadline is August 15th. You can pre-order here.

Trotter’s Bluff and Morgan Park

We’re working to connect the network in Trotter’s Bluff and Morgan Park. We anticipate we’ll start installing customers in the next month or so.

Autumn Park and Garrison

These parts of Phase 2A will take a little while longer to connect, as Autumn Park and Garrison are dependent on ongoing construction in Brayton Park. We appreciate your patience. We’ll contact you as soon as you’re serviceable for a fiber drop.

Arbor Creek

We asked the residents of Arbor Creek if they were interested in Ting fiber coming to their neighborhood. There wasn’t sufficient demand and Arbor Creek residents let us know they were happy with an alternative provider. Based on that feedback, we won’t be building to network to Arbor Creek. Everyone that pre-ordered will be refunded in full.

Announcing Phase 4

Phase 4A: September 2017

We anticipate construction in Sunset Ridge North, including Cobble Ridge, will start in six to eight weeks. Don’t forget to pre-order here.

Phase 4B: fall 2017

This fall we’re starting construction in Sunset Ridge and the surrounding area. We’ll also be building to Sunset Fairways Drive and Sunset Lake Village. However, network connection to these areas in particular will take a bit longer.

Didn’t see your neighborhood?

We’re still taking pre-orders for areas that haven’t yet been built. All things being equal, pre-order volume is absolutely a factor in our network planning.

Get started and check your address to see if it’s on the network.

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