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Why you should pre-order Ting

pre-order Ting

There are a bunch of factors that determine where we continue to build out the fiber network in Holly Springs. Some of these factors include distance from the fiber “backbone,” space to build a local node and existing construction plans.

There’s one factor that neighborhoods and individuals get a real say in and that’s pre-orders.

All things considered equally, pre-orders play a role in determining where we build fiber next.

Building a fiber network involves a lot of hard work and investment, and while we wish we could build everywhere at once, we do look to demand to help shape our expansion plans.

About pre-ordering

A pre-order costs $9 and is refunded back to you on your first bill.

When you pre-order, you go to the front of the line when we start installing Ting in your neighborhood.

If we don’t build the network in your neighborhood, your pre-order will be refunded in full.

Pre-order Ting and cast your vote

When you pre-order Ting, you cast a vote for your neighborhood or part of town.

If you haven’t yet voted to get Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet delivered to your neighborhood, there’s no better time than now to pre-order.

How’d you like a $250 discount?

While a pre-order works like a vote, it also secures you the best possible discount we offer.

That’s $250 off your start-up costs on Ting gigabit or $50 off your start-up costs on Ting 5/5. Your pre-order discount will be applied to your first bill, which includes your Ting Internet box, installation and your first month of service.

pre-order Ting

What are you waiting for?

Make sure your voice is heard.

Pre-order now and let us know which neighborhoods want Ting next.

Get your vote in today! The deadline to pre-order for Sunset Ridge for Phase 4B is January 1, 2018.

Pre-order today