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It’s the little things that make Westminster…

A couple of weeks back, part of the Ting content team descended on Westminster, MD. Remember that big snow storm? Yeah… so do we. While the weather was less than cooperative, the warm greeting we received made up for it.

Nowhere was that more true than at the Jeannie Bird Baking Company. Jean Vogel, with her quick smile and welcoming spirit, really hooked us. She was such a kind soul and she really did touch our hearts in the brief time we spent together, in that way that so few people can. We’re so sorry for your loss.

We were also struck by the scarves tied to statues and lampposts all around town, and they became part of this local story. So did Henri, the big, friendly and slightly slobbery Newfoundland and his human, Mike McMullin, President of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce.

The Carroll County Arts Council even put up a marquee for us. It was inside the Arts Council theater that we found local musician Christopher James‘s CD Out of Wooden Boxes. His track, Don’t Cry, from that album, perfectly underscored the feeling we were trying to capture.

Coming soon to a screen near you

The Ting commercial will air before shows at the Regal Westminster 9 in the TownMall starting March 11.

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