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Ting Sandpoint news

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An update on Ting Internet in Sandpoint

Go, Ting Van, goIt’s been a little while since we last spoke about crazy fast fiber Internet coming to Sandpoint. We’ve been working through some of the finer details. Thanks for your patience! Just thought we’d share some news we sent those who have already placed their pre-orders via email.

We’re working with the City to get all the requisite paperwork in place with i’s dotted and t’s crossed very early in the new year. From there, we’ll start construction as soon as the snow melts. We expect to light up our first customers in Sandpoint in mid-2017.

Count on us to provide details on what to expect as we progress. Look out for another email and blog post in January with more specific information.

If you’ve already pre-ordered (thanks!), there’s nothing more to do beyond encouraging your neighbors to do the same.

Pre-orders help guide where we begin building the fiber network, so if you’re looking forward to getting gigabit fiber Internet service from Ting and you haven’t yet done so, sign up by placing your pre-order now!

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