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Ting Internet Sandpoint is building beyond city limits

Ting Sandpoint

In our Sandpoint community updates, we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Sandpoint community. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest.

Hi, Sandpoint, happy to see you again! Since our last update, we’ve been hard at work continuing our builds and developing a new Smart Install process to get customers connected.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added a new town to our Greater Sandpoint build to include Ponderay. Construction has started and we’re hoping to start lighting up Ponderay before the end of the year. If you live in Ponderay, make sure to check your address and pre-order to get your free installation—a $200 savings for residences and $398 savings for businesses.

In July, we’re offering a free install and a free second month of residential 1000 Mbps service to anyone switching to Ting in our current live service areas, so spread the word.

More good news

We’ve lit the fiber network in the area west of Division to Sandpoint city limits and the area between north of Spruce and the railroad tracks. We also have service available downtown around Sandpoint Super Drug (5th to 1st and Cedar to Larch) and the area around The Power House. If you’re in any of these areas, you can order Ting Internet today.

Our railroad permits have just been approved so we can begin construction along Baldy Mountain Road (from Boyer to the tracks). We’ve also been working on the area north of the tracks to the northern edge of city limits so once we pull our infrastructure under the railroad tracks, we’ll begin fiber blowing to light up that area sometime this summer.  

As for the downtown core (Pine to Cedar and 1st to 5th), the City of Sandpoint has decided to lease conduit to Internet providers. We’re waiting for this municipal infrastructure to be completed and then we’ll be able to bring fiber to downtown.

A Phase map for Ting Internet in Greater Sandpoint Area, ID

Ting around town

In response to people’s needs due to the pandemic, and in partnership with Matchwood Brewing Company and The City of Sandpoint, we established Ting Park and Wi-Fi so that residents could access free Internet from the city lot east of Matchwood. We’ve heard some great stories of how people in town have been using it—including a nursing student working on finishing her degree, school kids doing long-distance learning and remote businesses using it to get faster, more reliable Internet access. We were so happy to hear these stories of people getting the most of our Crazy Fast Fiber Internet® connection.

Back in February, we supported Bonner General Health’s Heart Ball benefiting its new ophthalmology clinic. We then teamed up with Sandpoint Rotary to support literacy in our school district by sponsoring the CHAFE 150 bike race and the Ponderay Rotary Club’s Duck Derby as part of an initiative to encourage students to pursue post-secondary education.

This year may have forced all of us to adjust our schedules and shift some events but our commitment to the Sandpoint community is stronger than ever. We remain focused on helping where we can, from sponsoring meals for people in need, to giving out Evan’s Brothers coffee on Nurse’s Day in recognition of our amazing medical community for all they do. 

In August, we are excited to once again sponsor Jacey’s Race, which will be held virtually this year. We look forward to the rescheduled CHAFE 150 bike race on September 12.

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