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Hello Sandpoint. Do you need more fiber in your diet?

Hello Sandpoint, Kootenai, Dover and Ponderay. If we were to say “better, faster Internet,” what would you say? Something along the lines of “heck yeah?” Perhaps even a less PG version of the same sentiment?

While we’ve already seen first-hand that there are a lot of things that make Sandpoint and the Greater Sandpoint area special, we’ll put forward that super fast, reliable access to the Internet and all the possibilities it unlocks is not one of them. Working together, though, it will be.

The Greater Sandpoint area is next in line to get crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting. In case you haven’t been following along with this whole fiber Internet thing, it’s the fastest Internet access going. Ting offers symmetrical gigabit Internet, which means upload and download speeds that top out at 1,000 Mbps. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that really is crazy fast. Orders of magnitude faster than the 25 Mbps the FCC deems to be the bare minimum to be considered “broadband Internet.” Much faster than what you currently have at home or in the office.

We like to put it this way: Gigabit Internet means everyone in the house doing whatever it is they want to do online without ever getting in each other’s way. A video chat with Grandma doesn’t fall apart because someone in the house is watching Netflix. In fact, you can watch Netflix in full 4K resolution, chat with Grandma, stream music all over the house, play an online game all without touching the upper limits of your home Internet connection.

Gigabit Internet isn’t just about home use though. Far from. Businesses benefit perhaps more than anyone else from improved Internet infrastructure. With crazy fast fiber Internet, office VoIP phones actually work, online video conferences are just like being there, sharing files with offices or clients all over the world is a reality. This really is some next generation stuff.

Sounds pretty good, right? So, you may quite justifiably ask…

Who is Ting?

Fair question. Ting is part of Tucows, which has been doing Internet stuff since before the Internet was really a thing. We believe in the positive power of the Internet. “We believe that the Internet is the greatest agent for positive change that the world has ever known.” That’s more than just a thing that sits on the about page of our corporate web site. It’s core to everything we do.


Ting specifically started a few years back on the idea that people pay too much to, and get too little from, their cell phone service providers. We’ve been a Consumer Reports readers’ top pick for cell phone service providers for two years running. Ting values clarity, honesty and customer service. When you call Ting, you get a real person on the phone who actually wants to help as opposed to just get you off the phone as quickly as possible.

A little more than a year ago, it became clear that, if there was one segment that needed the Ting approach perhaps even more than mobile, it was cable and specifically, access to the Internet. We probably don’t need to tell you that the incumbent Internet service providers have left a little something to be desired… in speed and reliability, yes, but perhaps more damning, in customer service too.

While Google Fiber and the like are rushing to get major metros online, Ting believes that there’s real need, to say nothing of ample opportunity, in smaller cities and towns. We believe that a great town deserves great Internet, and we’re really happy to be here in Sandpoint, Kootenai, Dover and Ponderay.

Step one

We’re in the planning phases to build the Ting fiber network in the Greater Sandpoint area. We need to hear from local residents and businesses as we decide where to start out and where we’ll go from there.

If you’re dying for better Internet, cast a vote for fiber in the greater Sandpoint area in general and in your neighborhood specifically by placing a pre-order. We use $9 pre-orders to gauge where the most serious interest in crazy fast fiber Internet lies. Pre-orders also influence the network build.

Your comments, opinions and insights are always appreciated on blog posts like this one, on the Ting Sandpoint Facebook page, on Twitter and anywhere else you care to reach out.

We really like meeting in person wherever we can. Please stay tuned: We’re planning just such an opportunity to meet soon.

Fortune favors the brave

Already know that crazy fast fiber Internet is perhaps the only thing the Greater Sandpoint area is missing and that this whole Ting thing is legit? We’ll just go ahead and leave this pre-order button right here.

Pre-order today