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Meet Garry Duhamel, Ting Sandpoint’s Fiber Deployment Manager

Garry Duhamel

Meet Garry Duhamel, Ting Sandpoint’s Fiber Deployment Manager

Garry Duhamel, also known as Duey, is our Fiber Deployment Manager for Ting Internet in Sandpoint. What does that mean? He’s been working tirelessly to bring fiber to Sandpoint. Garry Duhamel

Garry has been setting up our warehouse and Central Office, a center that holds all of our head-end equipment and servers. He’s been instrumental in getting everything ready for Phase 1 of our fiber build in Sandpoint, starting spring 2018.

We’re always looking for smart, passionate people to make the Ting team even better as we bring crazy fast fiber Internet to town.

Garry joins Ting with a wealth of industry knowledge and over 25 years’ experience in communications. Garry and his wife are recent arrivals in Sandpoint and describe their new hometown as simply awesome.

“I love talking to people that have been here for generations and know so much about the town and the surrounding areas,” says Garry. “There’s so much history and pride!”

Getting fiber to homes and businesses

Garry heard about Ting and our parent company, Tucows, through the industry grapevine.

“After reading up on Ting and Tucows I was hooked and knew I wanted to work for this cutting-edge and fun company.”

At Ting, we make every effort to get connected with passionate, knowledgeable experts. The better our people, the better our team, the better we do when we’re bringing crazy fast fiber to our Ting Towns. Garry made the perfect addition to our growing local team in Sandpoint.

“The fact that Ting is such an advocate for customers and truly gives red carpet treatment to all of them is both refreshing and fantastic! I love it!”

Garry believes in the power of fiber. Ting will be a great resource for local businesses and a long-awaited Internet option for households that want greater Internet speed and reliability.

“The Internet today is more of a utility rather than the luxury item it once was.”

When Garry is not managing fiber deployment, you’ll likely see him hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and pretty much taking advantage of everything Sandpoint has to offer.