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Roku releases five new Roku players

Roku Express

Five new Roku players starting at just $29.99

Roku has dominated the market of living room streaming players for the last eight years. Now, Roku has released five new streaming players that should help them dominate the streaming players market for the next eight years as well.

“Roku stands for streaming innovation and today we’re celebrating the biggest player launch in our company’s history, including the introduction of the Roku Express player which delivers a complete streaming experience for a shockingly low price of $29.99,” says Anthony Wood, Roku Founder and CEO. “Whether consumers simply want fast HD streaming via an inexpensive device or are looking for a top-of-the-line player with advanced features such as 4K and HDR, Roku is an easy choice.”

In total, there are five different new Roku players but at its core, there are only three versions with two having extra features. Here’s a breakdown.