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Taking a look at Ting in Sandpoint

Ting Sandpoint

Happy New Year, Sandpoint! We are excited to kick off the year because we have a lot to look forward to in 2020. 

Since our last update, we’re happy to announce that we’ve lit West Sandpoint (Phase 3) and are working our way through installations. Construction is already happening downtown—north of Cedar Street and around The Power House. Once the cold weather breaks, we’ll blow fiber in those two areas and start installations soon after. Then, as soon as we have our railroad permit in hand, we’ll start construction from Baldy Mountain Road northwards through the city limits. 

Moving into 2020, we’ll continue to post updates (every two to three months depending on our construction load) to make sure you have the most relevant information and know where we are headed next.

Now, in the spirit of new year goal setting and planning, we thought we would take a quick look back at what we were able to accomplish in 2019.

In 2018, we learned a lot so 2019 was all about expanding and improving how we did things in Sandpoint. With frozen weather in December 2018, we could not complete installations in South Sandpoint/Phase 2. As soon as the weather warmed up, our team finished placing drops and installing over 300 customers who had been waiting since the previous fall, plus we installed Seasons at Sandpoint and Condo Del Sol. It took a lot of hustle but we managed to get all that work done and work on the 2019 construction—including our build west of Division, or West Sandpoint as we call it.

After our learnings, the field ops team devised a plan to do drop placements earlier than in our normal process. With this change, we were able to keep lighting most of the customers waiting to be installed in West Sandpoint despite the frozen weather that hit in December.

Ting Sandpoint - Smash Brothers Game Night

We had tons of fun and great success with our events this year. We started with a Smash Brothers gaming night at Matchwood Brewing Company. The Ting team then hosted and participated in a world-wide Capture the Flag event where our team from Sandpoint High School took 12th out of over 90 teams. At the end of 2019, the team spent a day volunteering at Bonner Community Food Bank, moving, sorting and organizing donated food for those in need over the holidays. It was a pleasure for us to work with the Bonner Community Food Bank this holiday. This is just a small slice of our community involvement that we enjoy so much and we can’t wait for more opportunities to come.

Looking forward, we are excited to be the premier sponsor of the 7B Women’s Conference coming up in March. Just as last year, we will also sponsor CHAFE 150 in June, a national bike race in support of literacy programs at the Lake Pend Oreille School District. We’re also really looking forward to the Festival at Sandpoint in August for a concert series on the lake, and to sponsor the Bonner County Economic Summit in November as well. Wow, we all have a lot to look forward to in Sandpoint!

Ting Sandpoint - Bonner County Summit
Ting Sandpoint - BonnerCE Summit

Truly, what makes me feel the best is how many people love Ting and their excitement in getting Ting Internet. Ting isn’t just a product, it’s the outstanding customer service we strive to provide and our dedication to the community. The combination of those things really makes me proud to be a part of it all. We cannot wait to see how much we can accomplish this year!

Wishing you a great 2020,
Kari Saccomanno
City Manager, Sandpoint Team