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Ting Internet in Sandpoint: a 2018 year in review

Hey Sandpoint, this post will let you know what Ting Internet has been up to in your community over the past year. We announced construction would be starting last January, so we had a full year of building fiber and forging new community partnerships.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Phase parties and community night at the Panida. We also loved meeting everyone year round all over town from fun runs to the Festival at Sandpoint and more.

This year we created a Ting Internet commercial for Sandpoint. Featuring music by local artists, the Shook Twins, we hope you recognize some of the landmarks and features that make Sandpoint so special.

Construction progress

This year we made leaps and bounds in network construction in Sandpoint. We announced Phase 1 of the build in January and moved on to Phase 2 network construction as well. We held an official lighting ceremony in June to celebrate the first businesses in Sandpoint getting lit with the fastest Internet available today.

Crazy fast fiber Internet is officially available for homes and businesses in Sandpoint and the network is growing! For all the latest, follow our construction updates and community progress reports. We post those every two months here on the Ting Sandpoint blog.

Year in review - Sandpoint

A growing local team

Our Sandpoint team grew this year! To date, we have 10 local team members. Some of the roles we hired for included a Marketing Specialist, a Fiber Deployment Manager and a City Manager. Welcome to all our Ting Team members. We’re proud to have you!

Year in review

Community night at the Panida

In May, Ting Internet hosted a free informational community night at the Panida Theater. For every person that came, Ting donated $5 to keep the marquee lit for another 90 years.

Year in review Panida

Thanks for all your great questions about Ting in Sandpoint. VP of Networks Adam Eisner gave a presentation about fiber and its benefits for local economies.

Sponsoring Sandpoint’s first ethical hacking youth teams

Ting Internet Sandpoint sponsored two youth teams in the Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory’s (MAGIC) annual Capture the Flag Ethical Hacking (CTF) cybersecurity competition on Saturday, November 3.

Year in review - Magic

Ting volunteer mentors and coaches worked with two teams, CtrlAltElite and Vector90, guiding them through a series of challenges that required competitors to solve cybersecurity dilemmas and crack codes. CTF is an entry-level cybersecurity competition for high school and college students. No prior experience is required and the event is totally free for participants.

Sandpoint youth competed against 46 teams from across the US as well as Estonia and Equador. CtrlAltElite and Vector90 were the first teams from Sandpoint to compete in MAGIC CTF and the only representatives from the West Coast. Our team was very proud of how our competitors did!

CtrlAltElite consisted of Chloe Martin, Joel Hill, Andrew Wittmann and Dylan Martin. Team Vector90 included Colleen Morgan and Amy Morgan. Students worked on teams to solve a series of cybersecurity puzzles set up in a Jeopardy-style format.

Ting TV coming soon

In June, we announced that Ting TV would be launching in Ting Towns across the US. You can sign up for updates and stay in the know about Ting TV while we keep working on developing an awesome TV product, powered by Ting fiber.

What is fiber Internet? Find out in our ebook

Our fiber ebook answers all your burning questions about fiber: how it works, how it can be transformative for towns and how construction works. Download the ebook to learn more.