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Ting network construction update May 2017

Hey, Sandpoint. It’s been a while. Let’s talk about where we’re at.

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work, preparing to bring crazy fast fiber Internet to Sandpoint.

In February, City Council approved several agreements that moved us closer to breaking ground. Now we’re gearing up to go and setting up our Ting data center at the corner of Superior and Ella Avenue. The last little while has been all about cementing partnerships with the City. Now we’re focused on planning and design.


What’s the hold up?

Maybe you’ve been following us for a while. Maybe you’re thinking, Where’s my crazy fast Internet, already?

It’s a reasonable question. You’ve waited through the paperwork phase of the process to this point. There wasn’t a whole lot to be said. Now, we’re getting started with the phase we like to call “dirt and hard work.” Actually building the physical infrastructure that will bring Sandpoint neighborhoods Ting fiber Internet.

We’ve moved on to network planning and engineering and as soon as we possibly can, we’ll announce the roll-out plans complete with construction phases.

The City of Sandpoint is doing a great job of building the fiber “backbone” that runs through town. Now, it’s our turn to start building the all-important “last mile;” putting fiber in the ground in neighborhoods and connecting homes back to the backbone to get you that crazy fast fiber Internet you’re waiting for.

Fiber doesn’t happen overnight. Its an investment in the future. It’s about commitment and partnership. That’s why Ting is in it for the long haul in Sandpoint.

We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. The next step is construction.


Have you pre-ordered?

We start construction in the neighborhoods that have the most demand for Ting. Pre-orders determine where the most demand lies.

Pre-order Ting Internet today. A preorder works like a vote for your neighborhood. Tell your neighbors and tell your friends. We want to know where you are.

Pre-ordering costs $9 and comes with perks. When you preorder Ting Internet we contact you as soon as you are serviceable. Then, on light up day, we cover the cost of your installation. That’s right. Preordering Ting Gigabit Internet gets you the best possible price.