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Working through the winter on the Sandpoint fiber network

Sandpoint fiber network


In our Sandpoint progress reports, we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Sandpoint community. Check back regularly to keep up to date on the latest.

In our last progress report, we talked about the status of the Sandpoint fiber network. Ting is currently available for any home or business in all of Phase 1. If you want crazy fast fiber Internet, order Ting today.

If you live in Phase 2 and have been waiting for Ting, we wanted to let you know that we’ve started our first installations. Construction isn’t quite over yet, and we’ll be in the very early stages of installing those who pre-ordered Ting.

Sandpoint fiber network

While our crews will be hard at work through the winter, frozen ground and inclement weather do hinder our installation efforts. We’re doing everything possible to stay ahead of Mother Nature, and if your installation needs to be rescheduled due to weather, we’ll reach out right away.

A post-construction notice for Phase 2

In the spring, we’ll be back in the neighborhood to recheck our construction efforts and make sure that we’ve left everything as we found it. Poor weather and obscured ground due to snow can make this tricky in the winter months, but rest assured we’ll be back to ensure we’ve left everything as it should be in the spring.

What’s up next?

If your neighborhood isn’t one of our announced phases, we don’t have an ETA for fiber coming to you just yet. We publish construction updates every two months. Keep an eye on these construction updates for more information coming soon.

Ting fiber Internet hotels: good for business

The Best Western Edgewater Resort in Sandpoint is now lit with crazy fast fiber Internet. Better Internet access for guests will mean better business for Sandpoint. The power of fiber will enable smarter conferences and encourage businesses to make Sandpoint a destination for their retreats.

Try gigabit powered Wi-Fi at Evans Brothers Coffee and the Office at Sandpoint

You can get on the Wi-Fi for free at Evans Brothers Coffee. You can also take Ting for a spin at The Office at Sandpoint, a coworking space located at 506 Alder Street on the second floor.

Ting around town and follow us on social

Sandpoint fiber network

Sandpoint fiber network

We had a blast celebrating the end of 2018 with the community and the Christmas Tree Lighting Event and the Festival of Trees. Want to join in on the fun in 2019? Follow Ting Sandpoint on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news.