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Westminster, MD

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MAGIC is making the most of gigabit Internet in Westminster, MD

gigabit Internet in Westminster

MAGIC and the power of gigabit Internet

Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory (MAGIC) is a local non-profit in Westminster, MD. MAGIC is dedicated to making sure the economic development potential of the Westminster Fiber Network (WFN) is fully realized.

What does it mean for the potential of fiber infrastructure to be realized? We got the chance to catch up with Amy Rupp, Executive Director of MAGIC who walked us through all of MAGIC’s initiatives for seeing the power of gigabit Internet through and bringing the positive impact of fiber to the local economy, jobs, education, healthcare and so much more.

gigabit Internet

Ting in partnership with the Carroll County Public Library in Westminster, MD

Ting Works

Showcasing our community initiatives and involvement across our Ting Towns.

Carroll County Public Library

Ting’s partnership with the Carroll County Public Library

The Westminster Branch of the Carroll County Public Library (CCPL) is embedded in the community of Westminster and Carroll County at large. The library has been a hub from its early beginnings, evolving over the years from your standard library to community leader and soon-to-be makerspace site for innovation, collaboration and connection.

We had the chance to catch up with Lynn Wheeler, Executive Director of the Carroll County Public Library, and talk about the library’s history, present and future as well as Ting’s commitment to Exploration Commons, a community makerspace, collaboration space and culinary center to be opened at the Westminster CCPL in the spring of 2020.

Carroll County Public Library

A Ting internship with McDaniel College

Ting Works

Showcasing our community initiatives and involvement across our Ting Towns.

Ting Westminster internship

Practical, hands-on career experiences can make all the difference for students when it comes to building a set of hard skills to support their post-grad endeavors.

Ting Internet was excited to host Michael N. for a writing internship in Westminster, MD. Michael was a student in Josh Ambrose’s class at McDaniel College, Writing for Main Street.

Ting Westminster internshipMichael had the chance to write for the Ting Westminster blog for the fall semester from September to December 2017. He covered local events as well as customer features, and assembled his work into fun blog posts to be distributed on social media.

Ting was involved in several initiatives and Michael got to cover our involvement at Fallfest and the Oyster Stroll. His customer profiles featured Ting Internet customers and detailed the practical uses of fiber internet in day-to-day life.

We’re proud to host interns like Michael and had a fantastic time working with him to produce some great online content.

Makerspace experiences and Ting Works in Westminster

Ting Works

Showcasing our community initiatives and involvement across our Ting Towns.

Ting Makerspace

Welcome to the Makerspace

At Ting, we like to think of makerspaces as physical embodiments of the principles of the Internet.

A makerspace is a lot of things. It’s a community space where you’ll meet like-minded people. It’s a tool library where you can try out the latest technology. Most of all, it’s a place where ideas, inventions and innovations come to life.

At Ting, we’re big believers in all things makerspace. That’s why we opened our very own Ting Makerspace in Westmisnter, MD. Check out the launch party and learn more about the Ting Makerspace in the video below.

Check out Ting Works in action at New City Arts

Ting Works

Showcasing our community initiatives and involvement across our Ting Towns.

Ting WorksFostering an arts community in Charlottesville

Charlottesville is a city that lives and breathes art. Charlottesville galleries, exhibitions, theaters and venues play host to emerging and established artists alike and the programming rivals any major metropolis.

So, what makes the arts in Charlottesville so great? New City Arts Initiative Executive Director, Maureen Brondyke would tell you its all about the thriving, rich artistic community. Connection, networks and support systems have allowed artists, and the arts, to flourish in Charlottesville. At the center of this network you’ll find New City Arts Initiative and all the important work they do.

The New City Arts offices, studio and Welcome Gallery, are located just off the historic Downtown Mall. Out of these facilities, New City Arts hosts educational experiences, acts as a supportive network for artists and is a resource to help artists learn, work and make a living.

Ting Works: See what Ting and your town have been up to

Ting Works

Showcasing our community initiatives and involvement across our Ting Towns.

Ting Works

Do good together

Our crazy fast fiber Internet is available in three towns (and counting) across the US. When we come to a town, we don’t just bring crazy fast fiber Internet and its inherent benefits. We aim to serve the community with more than just way better Internet.

We partner with Ting town community leadership, members and organizations to support important community resources. Usually, that means a free connection to the crazy fast fiber network and can also mean sponsorship, advocacy and partnering to do good in the community.

We don’t think of gigabit Internet as a luxury. We think of it as a necessary step toward a shared future and we believe in access for all.

We don’t just build a network and then retreat back to head office. We believe in becoming a part of the communities we serve.