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What to expect from Ting fiber network construction in Wake Forest

What to expect when you see our Ting trucks

Here’s everything you need to know about Ting fiber network construction. When our crews come into your neighborhood, we do our best to make the whole process as efficient and smooth as possible.

This post focuses on the underground work we do in the city right-of-way in Wake Forest.

How Ting fiber network construction works

We do our best to make construction of the Ting fiber network clean and surgical. Here’s what you can expect when we roll up with our trucks.

Prior to starting construction, the North Carolina 811 call center will manage a utility location service to mark underground utilities in your neighborhood. Utilities will be marked with paint that will fade away over time.

We won’t dig on your property unless you have specifically requested to have fiber brought from the street to your home. If you have an irrigation system we recommend marking the sprinkler heads before construction is to begin. If you have questions please contact your Ting area manager, Todd Rubin.

Where construction happens

Ting fiber network construction work will happen in the city-owned right-of-way, the area on the street side of your home that’s owned by the city and that is reserved for utilities. If you’ve ever noticed a water cap on your lawn, that’s typically around the dividing line between your property and the city’s property.

Right of way

Directional boring and stitch boring: How we bring fiber lines to your home

To begin, two small access areas are dug. A pneumatic mole enters the first access point, runs underground for 10-30 feet, pulling a conduit behind it, then surfaces in the second access.

A directional bore will travel underground and is directed to avoid utilities. The directional bore creates the path that will eventually house fiber conduit.

We take great care to put things back the way we found them. If you notice a slight bump where our access points were, rest assured it’ll settle in short order. In a week or two, you won’t even know we were there.

You may hear the rhythmic ticking of the bore as it runs underground. It’ll only last about 10 minutes.

Handholes are required every couple of house lengths. These handholes are unobtrusive and look very much like the kind of recessed access hatch you might find in a lawn irrigation system.