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Westminster, MD

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Ting Internet FAQ: Ting Internet’s most frequently asked questions

Ting Internet FAQ

Ting Internet FAQ

Welcome to Ting. We know fiber’s still a new and emerging tech and with it can come a lot of questions like, when do I get it and what does construction look like?

We’ve rounded up some of the questions we hear the most. Hopefully, you’ll see a few on the list that you want to be answered. Whether you’ve just heard about Ting, have booked your installation or are hotly anticipating Ting TV, this post will point you in the right direction.

If it doesn’t, or if you’re looking for more detailed info, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 1-844-846-4994 or submit a request.

Continued progress on the Westminster fiber network and a Ting Internet community update

Westminster fiber network

In our Westminster progress reports, we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Westminster community. Check back regularly to keep up to date on the latest.

In our last construction update, we talked about the work being done to bridge Phase 3 to the rest of the network as well as future plans to expand into Phase 4.

Today, we’re pleased to report that the city is making steady progress on construction in Phase 3. It’s also been a busy past couple of months for the Ting team and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to here in Westminster.

MAGIC is making the most of gigabit Internet in Westminster, MD

gigabit Internet in Westminster

MAGIC and the power of gigabit Internet

Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory (MAGIC) is a local non-profit in Westminster, MD. MAGIC is dedicated to making sure the economic development potential of the Westminster Fiber Network (WFN) is fully realized.

What does it mean for the potential of fiber infrastructure to be realized? We got the chance to catch up with Amy Rupp, Executive Director of MAGIC who walked us through all of MAGIC’s initiatives for seeing the power of gigabit Internet through and bringing the positive impact of fiber to the local economy, jobs, education, healthcare and so much more.

gigabit Internet

New ways to take parental control of what your kids watch online

parental control

Taking parental control in the digital age

Parenting has never been easy but in the digital age, it can be harder than ever. For instance, without parental control over online content, it is surprisingly easy for children to see to something you’ll wish they hadn’t.

The good news is tech companies are catching on and are quickly rolling out new options to give parents better control over what their kids have access to watch.

Let’s take a look at what Google and Amazon are doing to protect your kids.

Ting in partnership with the Carroll County Public Library in Westminster, MD

Ting Works

Showcasing our community initiatives and involvement across our Ting Towns.

Carroll County Public Library

Ting’s partnership with the Carroll County Public Library

The Westminster Branch of the Carroll County Public Library (CCPL) is embedded in the community of Westminster and Carroll County at large. The library has been a hub from its early beginnings, evolving over the years from your standard library to community leader and soon-to-be makerspace site for innovation, collaboration and connection.

We had the chance to catch up with Lynn Wheeler, Executive Director of the Carroll County Public Library, and talk about the library’s history, present and future as well as Ting’s commitment to Exploration Commons, a community makerspace, collaboration space and culinary center to be opened at the Westminster CCPL in the spring of 2020.

Carroll County Public Library

Looking for a TV schedule? Never miss your favorite show with these tools

TV schedule

TV schedule notification tools

When you cancel cable TV, you may be surprised to notice that it’s easy to miss the premieres of your favorite shows since you’re not seeing commercials. This is especially true for on-demand services that are commercial free. The good news is that there’s a flood of new TV schedule services out there to help so you never have to miss your favorite show again.

Here are a few of our favorite picks for the best ways to keep track of what you’re watching.

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