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130 over-the-air TV stations coming to cord cutters


One of the best things to happen for cord cutters in the last 10 years was the shift in 2009 to digital over-the-air TV. As a result of digital broadcasting, cord cutters get even more channels for free.

Digital over-the-air TV

So, what is digital over-the-air TV? In short, it works just like old fashioned TV, which used an antenna in order to get TV channels. Digital over-the-air TV brings you great HD TV free with an antenna (if you do not have an antenna, check out our guide to over the air TV antennas).

The difference to the end user is their ability to receive not just one channel per number on their dial but up to five different channels per number. With digital over-the-air TV, not only will you get NBC, ABC and CBS, but you will likely get the CW Network and many other stations for free.