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Bytelion in the Ting Makerspace


Meet Bytelion

Makerspaces are physical embodiments of the principles of the Internet. What principles, you ask? We’re talking about self-reliance, community, experimentation and accessibility. Makerspaces are about dreaming up solutions and using high-tech tools, programs and gear to create something new.

Lots of people come through the Ting Makerspace in Westminster every day. We support all kinds of makers, like students from McDaniel College, the Cool Kids Coding Club and Bytelion, an innovative tech company that’s shaking things up right here in Carroll County.

A bit about Bytelion

Bytelion’s mission is to work with bold thinkers on creative, digital solutions. They build tech software and applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Clients come in with business concepts, idea and ways to enhance ideas and Bytelion helps them actualize their goals. If entrepreneurs, start ups and companies can dream it, Bytelion can build it.

Bytelion was launched by CEO Terrance MacGregor with the goal of pursuing his primary passion, software development and entrepreneurship. Today, they have offices in Washington, Baltimore and Hampstead, Maryland, just fifteen minutes away from the Ting Makerspace in Westminster.

Bytelion is an active member of the Carroll County tech community and is involved in various initiatives like the Carroll County Hackathon and Carroll Ignite talks. They look towards McDaniel College and local high schools to hire interns and is a member of the Carroll Technology Council.

The challenge

Bytelion Project Manager Mark Majer had a client come in that needed a unique software and hardware solution.

“Recently, we had a client approach us who requested a software solution that we could pair with hardware to implement on their factory floors. We whipped up our device pretty quickly but we struggled to find a housing for the device that would be appropriate for the factory floor.”

That meant hardware housing that was tough, sturdy, resistant to bangs and scrapes as well as heat and dust. Not to mention presentable and user-friendly.

The bar was set high for Bytelion. For a company that is, first and foremost, software-focused, the tools to complete such a project were not immediately available. However, with the can-do mentality and dedication that typifies the Bytelion team, Mark set out to prototype the hardware.


Bytelion meets the Makerspace

Mark quickly stumbled across Ting and the Makerspace in Westminster.

“We were researching available options, but none seemed suitable for prototyping. Then a colleague mentioned the Ting Makerspace in Westminster. At first, I was a little skeptical but I decided to pay a quick visit since it was only 15 minutes away. I was blown away as soon as I set foot inside the building. 3D printing, laser engraving, 3D imaging. The Ting Makerspace had exactly what we needed.”

With guidance from the Makerspace team, Mark and the Bytelion team were quickly able to start prototyping equipment using Inkscape, the laser engraver and the CNC Router.

“Each item produced in the Ting Makerspace came out looking indisputably fantastic.”

Mark also sees great potential for Bytelion to use the Makerspace down the road. He’s especially excited to try out the 3D printer. “There’s quite a lot of potential there and could be the quickest solution for prototyping.”

See for yourself

Discover what the Makerspace can do for your Carroll County business. Come in and visit us.

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Westminster, Maryland

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