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Contractor chosen for next phases of Westminster Fiber Network

It’s official

The Mayor and Common Council of the City of Westminster have selected a contractor to continue Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Westminster Fiber Network. SMC, Inc. is a telecommunications, utility and government contracting firm. They’ll be installing the fiber that will be powered by Ting to bring crazy fast high-speed Internet fiber to an additional 2,700 homes and businesses by 2017. Construction of Phase 1 begins this July!

Check out the official press release recently published by the City.

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Access Agreements

If you own business or residential property in the city, you should fill out an Access Agreement, which allows the city to install the fiber drop on your property so you can take advantage of the network and gigabit Internet services. There’s no additional cost to you and zero obligation to sign up for services from Ting. It’s something to consider whether you want access now, in the near future, or maybe someday in the distant future. Something else to consider, if you plan to eventually sell your property, access to fiber could raise its value by 3% or more.

If you’re looking forward to Ting coming to your neck of the woods, be sure to sign up with a pre-order now, and we’ll keep you updated as things progress.