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Faster Internet service for the Franzese family

Guest writer

Michael Nepini joins us from McDaniel College where he’s double-majoring in Accounting Economics and Business Administration.

Internet service

Meet the Franzeses

The Franzeses came to us during Fallfest to tell us about how much they love their new Ting Internet service. They have been Ting customers since the day Ting came to their neighborhood in August of 2017. They use the Internet for a wide variety of activities, from gaming to streaming and programming. They love that everyone can use the Internet at the same time without their connection slowing down.

Why they switched

Nanci told us they switched because they were exasperated with their prior service provider. With their old service, they routinely experienced speeds almost as slow as dial-up. Frustrated, they called their service provider, hoping for a solution. Their service provider told them that they were actually getting a higher speed than they were supposed to, and that they were going to be slowed down even further. Nanci told them, “oh no you don’t, this is not going to happen, my whole house is going to explode. Just forget I called, and I’ll let you know Ting is coming to our neighborhood and we’re just going to switch!”

That’s precisely what they did.

A typical day of Internet usage

Nanci runs a daycare out of their home. She likes to share special moments with the children’s parents, so she posts lots of pictures of them and keeps updates of what’s going on. Her husband, Robert, is a programmer who’s also a computer technology professor at Carroll Community College. He uses the Internet every day to grade assignments and keep in touch with his students. He also does some programming as a side job, so fast Internet helps him keep up with his work. Nanci and Robert’s children enjoy playing online multiplayer games with their friends. They like to stream music and use the Internet to keep up with their schoolwork. The whole family likes to watch streaming movies together now, which is something they couldn’t do with their old Internet service.

“Ting Internet saved my family.”

Nanci told us that Ting Internet saved her family. Because their old service was so slow, Nanci’s children would change the password so she and Robert couldn’t get online. They would argue with their children to get the password, but as soon as they had it, another one would change it again. The constant struggle for bandwidth caused many arguments and frustration in their home. She said now her family is getting along much better since everyone can use the Internet at the same time.

Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet helps the Franzeses keep up with their busy lives without dealing with all the annoyances of a slow Internet connection. They are able to use all the technology they want now that their Internet service can keep up.