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Getting to know you


Are you a Ting Internet customer?

We have all sorts of questions we want to ask you, like, how are you enjoying Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet so far? Has it impacted your life in a positive way? How are we doing? Are we living up to expectations?

Truth is, we want to better understand you and the ways you put the Internet to work for you.

Share your story

We’ve dedicated a special place on our website to feature you, your families, your businesses, and your success stories. We think they’re the kind of stories that give warm fuzzies and strengthen communities. We hope to feature a new Ting Internet customer each month — it could be you or your place of business!

Would you fill out a quick survey to tell us a little about yourself? It should only take a minute or two; answer only the questions you feel like answering.

If featured, we promise to share only what you’re comfortable sharing. And speaking of sharing, we’ve got some sweet Ting swag picked out for our featured customers too.