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Makerspace experiences and Ting Works in Westminster

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Ting Makerspace

Welcome to the Makerspace

At Ting, we like to think of makerspaces as physical embodiments of the principles of the Internet.

A makerspace is a lot of things. It’s a community space where you’ll meet like-minded people. It’s a tool library where you can try out the latest technology. Most of all, it’s a place where ideas, inventions and innovations come to life.

At Ting, we’re big believers in all things makerspace. That’s why we opened our very own Ting Makerspace in Westmisnter, MD. Check out the launch party and learn more about the Ting Makerspace in the video below.

A place to build, experiment and learn

Ting Makerspace“Fundamentally, we believe that technology is a great thing,” explains Ting City Manager for Westminster, Val Giovagnoni.

Makerspaces provide people of all ages with the change to get their hands on state of the art tools and tech and learn from other members of the community. It’s an exploration in learning and self-reliance with helpful aids and experienced tech users available every step of the way.

“The Internet was somebody’s great idea and we’re offering you a place to have the next great idea. So the next big idea cold happen here in Westminster.”

At the Ting Makerspace grand opening, Adam Eisner, Ting VP of Networks raved about the implications of Makerspaces in communities like Westminster. “Having a Makerspace set up gets people really interested in technology. Once they’re really interested in technology they’ll want to use more if it in many different ways and really that all ties back to gigabit Internet.”

Ting Makerspace

A tech community in Carroll County

Wesminster, MD is located in Carroll County. A fast-growing choice for start-ups and small businesses, Wesminster and Carroll County have been making the most of the Ting Makerspace since it first opened its doors.

The Ting Makerspace comes equipped with a mini 3D printer, a 3D scanner, a CNC router, a full spectrum laser, Arduino starter kits, a Dremel, a soldering iron and a photo booth. The Makerspace also has various designing tools and programs like SolidWorks, Inkscape, Easel, Meshmixer and more.

Ting Makerspace

With day passes starting at just $5, the Makerspace is an affordable option for those curious about tech and eager to get their hands on some of the latest tools. Aspiring makers watch video tutorials and complete short safety assessments for each piece of equipment. This ensures a foundational knowledge of use, and helps people make the most of the gear.

Access is a crucial part of making the Makerspace work, and so far, people from all walks of life have made use of the space, including students from McDaniel College, community groups like the Cool Kids Coding Club and local tech industry businesses like Bytelion.

Ting Makerspace

Visit the Ting Makerspace

The Ting Makerspace doors are open to beginners and experienced users alike. The Ting team is always around to answer any questions and help your next big idea come to life.

The Ting Makerspace is located at 15 E Main St #100 in Westminster, Maryland.

Check out the Ting Makerspace Facebook for the latest info on our hours.