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Westminster, MD

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Reconciling crazy fast Internet and mobile that makes sense

Since we launched our gigabit Internet service, some folks have understandably questioned what seems to be a contradiction between our mobile offering and our Internet offering.

On mobile, we save our customers hundreds of dollars a year by allowing them to pay just for what they use. We implore people to consider whether they are overpaying for a bloated or unlimited plan and preach monitoring and managing data usage to reduce costs.

On Internet, we are leapfrogging almost every other available, reasonably affordable Internet service in the country and offering one fixed price on unlimited data at an unparalleled speed.

What gives?

Ask an Exec: Would Ting consider an Internet option between 5/5 and gigabit?

Today’s question comes from David, who wonders if Ting Internet would consider offering a speed option between symmetrical gigabit and 5 Mbps.

Adam Eisner, Director of Networks here at Ting, shares why we don’t mess around in the middle ground.

Fiber and property values

Ting-truck-closed (ROI)There have been a couple of high profile studies and articles recently (including in the Wall Street Journal and Vice) on how the availability of high speed Internet can increase property values.

As you would expect, the most profound return is on an improvement from no or lousy Internet access to reasonable access. But there still seems to be a strong correlation between property values and Internet speeds going from reasonable to fast to crazy fast (as in Gigabit, as in the kind of Internet that only fiber can deliver and only Ting can serve up with love).

Interestingly, one of the challenges in proving causality, that the Internet speed is actually driving the value, is that the communities that are demanding and building Gigabit Internet also tend to be communities that are doing other appealing and enlightened things (culture, education, environment, crime prevention) that attract buyers and increase property values.

The first home in Westminster, MD to get crazy fast fiber Internet


In a second, we’ll meet Tim Redmond. First, though, a question. If you were the first person to get crazy fast fiber Internet in your entire town; the first person to get a gigabit fiber connection, what would you do?

Tim and Allison Redmond’s home was the first to get the gig in Westminster, MD. Tim was the first Ting customer to use gigabit fiber Internet. His choice? Work. He worked. He telecommuted to the office and did some work.

Fitting enough, really. Telecommuting was one of the reasons Westminster, MD—at the outer bounds of what most would consider a reasonable daily commute into Baltimore, MD or, at a stretch, Washington, DC—pitched to bring to gigabit fiber Internet to town.

“I’m a CPA so I travel around a lot to different client sites. I have a lot of opportunities to work from home. In the CPA profession, there’s a high demand on your hours but at the same time, there’s a lot of flexibility.”

To be fair, he did stream a video (without any buffering or stuttering, naturally) before jumping right back into work. The point stands.

Ting Internet is now available in Westminster, MD

We’re live!

Gigabit fiber Internet is now officially available in Westminster MD and we couldn’t be more excited.

Westminster was the first community in the United States to get rural free delivery postal service, a completely transformative technology in its day. It’s only fitting that Westminster become one of the first communities in the United States to get the next generation of Internet access technology and all it entails, too.

If you live in the City of Westminster and are looking to get connected, simply run your address at the top of the Ting Westminster page. If we haven’t yet made it to your home or business, don’t worry, we’re coming. Just hit the “Sign up for updates” button and we’ll keep you in the loop. Don’t forget to sign an access agreement to allow the City to do the necessary work, too. (Residential access agreement | Business access agreement)


If you haven’t had the chance to follow along with our progress, we’ve put in a lot of work over the past few months up to today’s launch. On June 26 we hosted a fiber lighting ceremony with some key industry leaders in attendance (including the FCC’s Gigi Sohn). Since then, we’ve been busy installing all the necessary equipment to light up the whole network and bring crazy fast fiber Internet all across town.

Speaking of which, we should probably get back to work. Great chatting. We’ll do it again soon.

Ask an Exec: Why does Ting Internet installation cost $400?

Today’s question comes from Jesus R, who asks why we’re charging $399 for the installation of Ting Internet.

Director of Networks Adam Eisner explains the costs involved with bringing fiber-to-the-home in our video below.