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Westminster, MD

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How to watch the Big Three networks and others for free

In our series on cutting the cord, we’ve discussed several alternative services to get the video content you love. This week, we take a look at one of the most under-appreciated aspects of cord cutting: the antenna. With an antenna, you can get a wide range of free content. No longer does an antenna just give you three or four stations; now an antenna can get you everything from movie channels and classics to new local stations offering 24/7 weather and news coverage, on top of your normal network channels like CBS, FOX, and ABC.

It’s important to do some research before purchasing an antenna, and this article covers some variables you should consider such as the reception in your area, and the material your roof is made of.

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Ask an Exec: What are the key factors in choosing a Ting Internet town?

K P Lee writes in, “What are your key considerations in determining where you install fiber optic cable? I would love to see optical fiber Internet offered in Diamond Bar CA (Los Angeles County).”

Director of Ting Networks Adam Eisner discusses a few different factors we consider while making plans to expand to new communities and cities.

Home, sweet (temporary) Westminster home


We’ve set up a small beachhead office here in Westminster, not far from Main St. and 27. You can see our sign hanging on the Winchester Exchange building across the street from the library. We’ll be here until the grand opening of our larger space, which is slated to happen in a few short months. We’ll be sure to keep you updated!

If you’re ordering from the Thai place near our new office, maybe grab us a spring roll?


Cut the cord by streaming free legal content

nbcIn previous installments of cut the cord, we’ve discussed a number of alternatives to cable, primarily, paid services that offer the television shows and movies you love.

This week, we look at some of the free legal options available for streaming media. If you’re looking for new content, original series, foreign films or even childhood favorites, there’s an increasingly large number of free services to choose from. This short list highlights just a few of the most popular services on the market to whet your appetite.

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Streaming services will help you cut the cord

netflixYou’ve made the decision to cancel cable. You’ve taken the first step by choosing a set top box. Now you need to choose a streaming service that will bring you the TV shows and movies you want.

Choosing the right streaming service or services for you will depend largely on your viewing habits, your favorite TV shows and movies, and whether or not you feel the service is worth the subscription fee once you’ve experienced the free trial.

This week on the main Ting blog, Luke Bouma covers a few popular streaming services that are are surprisingly simple to obtain through your set top box.

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Cutting the cord? Choose the best set top box

353580-amazon-fire-tvSo you want to break free of your monthly cable bill and you’re wondering which set top box is right for you. This week, Luke Bouma breaks down the pros and cons of four leading set top boxes on the market today, the brand new Apple TV, the tried and true Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and the powerful Nvidia Shield.

Brushing up on the shortcomings and killer features of each product will help you decide what you want to do and where you’d like to get your content from so you can make an informed purchase. Once you deduce that, you’re well on your way to cutting the cord for good.

Get the full story on the main Ting blog.

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