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Westminster, MD

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Ting and Westminster get lit

UPDATE: The live event is over and the fiber is lit! We’ve updated this blog post with an archived video of the live stream.

Ting Internet and the municipal fiber network are about to go live in Westminster. Watch the video stream from our friends at Channel 23 and the Carroll County Community Media Center as the City of Westminster gets the gig!

Hi Westminster. Let’s get lit.

On June 26 starting at 3pm ET and with much fanfare, Ting and the City of Westminster, MD will light up the previously dark fiber network. A contingent of the Ting team will be on site saying hi, speaking, documenting and presenting. It’s a big deal for Westminster and for Ting.

Technology gods willing, we’ll have a live feed of the proceedings here on the local Westminster blog and the main Ting blog.

Very soon, citizens of Westminster can start signing up to get crazy fast fiber Internet from Ting, running atop their publicly-owned fiber network.

We’ll have more sign-up details to offer on the local Ting Westminster page after the fiber lighting ceremony wraps so please stay tuned. The short version, though, is that if you’re interested in Ting crazy fast Internet in Westminster, you first need to sign an access agreement (residential | business). This agreement gives City crews permission to install a fiber drop on the property. Signing this agreement sooner rather than later will put you in good stead to be among the first in your city to get gigabit, the crazy fast Internet we are convinced is required for North America to stay connected and competitive.

  • This high five was entirely spontaneous and not at all staged.

Ting Hangout – Join us this Thursday at noon ET!


Our next Ting Hangout is happening this Thursday, June 18 at 12:00 pm ET (noon).

Join the Ting team in talking about the latest Ting Internet news, including our recent Charlottesville launch and the upcoming Westminster fiber lighting ceremony. On the mobile side of things, we’ll be discussing the recent addition of GSM phones in the Ting shop and sharing some info on devices set to arrive in the coming weeks. We’re also giving away two Ting smartphones during the stream, along with some swag!

This Hangout is the perfect time to ask us any burning questions you may have, whether mobile or Internet-related. Submit your question below to be entered to win a Moto E (2nd Gen) and BLU Studio 6.0 LTE. Towards the end of the Hangout, we’ll randomly select two questions from the list and these submitters will win a brand new Ting-ready device! Any question that gets answered will also pick up some Ting swag (whether a t-shirt, hat, etc). Winners will be announced during the Hangout and emailed afterwards.

If you’re not able to make the live stream (or if you’re seeing this blog post after the fact), the live stream will be archived in the Ting Hangout YouTube playlist.

See you on Thursday 🙂

Westminster, MD, meet Val. Val, I believe you’re already quite familiar with Westminster.

Val BortzMeet Val. She’s bringing fiber to Westminster, MD.

Not the “part of a balanced breakfast” fiber. “Next generation Internet powering the next generation of ideas,” crazy fast symmetrical gigabit Internet access optic fiber. You know: The tastier kind.

Val is the newest addition to the Ting team and is the City Manager for Westminster. She will, as the job posting put it, liaise with local government, utility and other representatives, attend local community events as an ambassador of the product and brand and generally continue to pave the way for Ting Internet in Westminster. It’s a very entrepreneurial position. Not the type of job you can major in in college. The type of role that is only as awesome as the person filling it.

She was drawn by the way we at Ting approach job postings. “The moment I read that, I knew I wanted to work here.” It’s important to note that she’s already on the team; this wasn’t just your standard job interview-style answer. “My greatest weakness? Oh. I guess it’s probably my extreme punctuality, attention to detail and perfectionism.” You know the sort of interview answer we mean.

Ting Internet: It’s alive! Release notes: June 2, 2015

Move over Al Gore, we’ve invented Ting Internet.

You’ll find a brand new Ting Internet homepage, including the first iteration of our speed comparison tool to help visualize the difference between the average U.S. connection and a Ting gigabit Internet connection.

You’ll also find new Ting Town blogs — at and — where you can follow our progress, find out when we’re participating in local events and check your address to see if you’re in an area that can get Ting gigabit Internet service! There, you’ll see an address autocomplete tool that we plan to test in advance of a wider roll out that will eventually include Ting mobile service address checks.

Ask an Exec: How is Ting Internet coming along?

Dlister70 on reddit wonders how things are going with the development of Ting Internet service in Charlottesville, VA and Westminster, MD.

Get the latest news around our rollout of gigabit fiber Internet from Ting’s VP of Marketing below.